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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hipster NFL Logos

The awesome folks over at KissingSuzyKolber produced some top notch Hipster NFL Logos.  These are just a few of my favorites.

We all know Hipsters love their "craft beer."  Hey buddy can I get a Pompous Asshole Pale Ale?

James Franklin Bought an Ad in The Tennessean to Thank Vanderbilt

I gotta admit this was a classy move by new Penn State head coach James Franklin.  Franklin took out a near full page ad in The Tennessean to thank Vanderbilt for everything they gave him.  Now you can get a small glimpse of why people like Franklin are so successful.

I've been arguing with some friends about Franklin.  For some wacko reason they think he will be a massive failure in Happy Valley.  I can't even grasp that bullshit.  The guy won at Vanderbilt!  Before he got to Nashville the Commodores had been to one, yes, one bowl game in the last 28 years.  During his 3 years they went to 3 bowl games.  I would say that is pretty damn good.  Also they beat up on Tennessee, Georgia and Florida who are all SEC East blueblood programs.

If the Big Ten is ever going to get back to dominant conference play (have they ever?) they need to poach coaches from the SEC.  Last year they did it with Urban Meyer going to Ohio State.  This year it is Franklin.  He will kill it for State Penn.  College football needs Franklin to succeed at Penn State.  It's so much more entertaining when at least a few teams from up north are competing for National Titles.  We need to revive the Civil War of College Football.  Yee Haw!

Instagram Heat: Emma Frain

I've had an Instagram account for over 2 years now and I have honestly been on there maybe 4 times.  I never really understood the attraction of the photo sharing website.  Of course I was the same way with Twitter at first but then you realize why so many people are getting on there: porn.  No I'm kidding of course. Most people go on there for all the great information right?

Back to Instagram.  Check out Emma Frain's page.  It's full of goodies at

Here are some highlights:

Blaze the Husky Says No to the Kennel

Hey what can you say other than this dog gets it.  No one wants to be in a kennel.  Especially not Blaze.  You can try all you want master but you are not getting me in that fucking box a-hole.

I didn't realize people still put their dogs in cages.  Seems cruel to be honest.  How would you like to sit in a box barely bigger than your body for 8 hours a day?  Sounds awesome right?  Sign me up.