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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is the perfect cartoon tribute in honor of all your insane babbling. The BCS is broken down by the #1 Giants fan in the whole wide New York Metropolis. As I have always said, New York is where crazy assholes are born to live and Florida is where they eventually go to bitch and die.

Hmmm, Boston Can Suck it, I think I like it. Fuck, I'm becoming one of those a-holes. Must abort Carl from memory!

Video: WithLeather via Adultswim

It didn't take long for Ole Miss to find their new coach in Houston Nutt. Erik over at DeepSouthSports gives his take with guarded optimism. The crazy bastard brings lunacy to a program that for my lifetime has always sucked and probably always will blow nuts minus the one season David Cutcliffe was there with Eli Manning. And oh yeah, good job firing Cutcliffe by the way Ole Miss and replacing him with the Ragin Cajun Ogre and only giving him 3 years! Clearly this was a racist move on their part. Ogre racism must not be tolerated. Guys like Mark Mangino, Ralph Friedgen, and Charlie Weis would still be coordinators eating 5000 calories a day while sitting in a dark room drawing up plays with french fries and Little Debbies.

Anyways, here is a rather hysterical look at the butchering of college football coaches by no other than America's favorite Governator...

Kudos to TigerDroppings for the clip.

This morning Sean Taylor, aka the best college safety I have ever seen play, died from a gunshot wound to his leg. Taylor was a warrior on the field and seemed to be turning his life around after some run-ins with the law and it is just a shame to see his life cut short at the age of 24.

While at the University of Miami Taylor developed into the best college safety to possibly ever play the game. He could hit. And I don't mean love taps, I mean this mofo could lay down the wood on opposing receivers. He also could run. When he got the ball in his hands he was like fellow Hurricane Ed Reed in that he had the ability to take it to the house for a pick 6.

My condolences go out to his family. He died trying to protect his family in his own home and I think everybody can agree we would have done the same thing and protected the ones we love. I hope the authorities can find the person or people responsible for this senseless tragedy and bring justice as swiftly and ferociously as Sean Taylor hit receivers on the playing field.

Godspeed Taylor...

And here are some highlights from his Wrecking Crew days at Da U...