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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I find it hard to believe that the Thrashers Ilya Kovalchuk, the NHL's leading goal scorer and probably it's MVP in the first half did not garner enough votes to be named starter for the East Conference.

Kovalchuk, who finished sixth in Eastern Conference voting with 173,629 votes, leads the NHL with 34 goals and is third in points with 59.

6TH PLACE! Either the Canadians really fucked him over or his own fans in Atlanta simply weren't paying attention to the ballot when they punched their choice. Oh wait, I am one of those fans. In fact I own two authentic Kovy jerseys and routinely lose my voice every time I watch the Thrashers play. But I voted for the guy because I thought he deserved the recognition. The only way a NHL player gets recognition is if they are banging Elisha Cuthbert or some other starlet these days.

The worst part is the All-Star game is in Atlanta this year. Other leagues would have rigged the voting to make sure their host city is represented in the starting lineup but of course Gary Bettman missed out on the whole marketing strategy for this year's game.

Anyways, Kovy is an All-Star starter in my heart. And yes, I have a serious man crush on the guy. He has carried the Thrashers on his back in the first half.

Yesterday's press conference of Roger Clemen's taped cell phone conversation with Brian McNamee was pretty funny. Not only did Clemens make himself look like more of a jackass liar but he kind of came off as an insensitive prick who only cares about himself but claims he doesn't. His lies are becoming comedy. And now he insists he doesn't care about the Hall of Fame or never did. Sure Roger, Cooperstown doesn't matter despite all the wins and the K's and everybody kissing your ass for so long and now it has stopped. Sure your lies got you millions of dollars and poon in 31 different major league cities but remember lies and deception will always come back to haunt you.

Just ask this guy...
Remember Clemens, cheating only cheats yourself while killing you inside.

"THE GOOSE" living up to the nickname with the ladies.
Today Goose Gossage became just the 5th reliever in MLB history to be elected to the Hall of Fame. He goes down in history with one of the best porn mustaches of all-time and that alone deserves recognition. He received a staggering 86 percent of votes in this his 9th year up for election. Ironically he played for nine different teams in his 22 seasons and keeping on with the 9 theme he also made 9 All-Star teams. His best years pitching came with the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres, which is German for whale's vagina. This beer is to you Mr. Goose Hall of Fame mustache guy.

And all of you mother fuckers with a pen should stop with the negative bull shit, got that mother fuckers...

I know what you mean Goose, I'm an asshole!

2008 TOP 25
I know, I know, we just finished off the 2007 season and already I am craving college football to come back. It's pathetic but I figured I would write down my top 25 teams going into next season. I'm the same person who hates preseason rankings because I think they shouldn't be allowed so take this for what it is worth...shit! Feel free to comment below or campaign for your team to be rated higher.

1. Georgia Bulldogs-The Bulldogs return a ton of firepower on offense led by QB Matthew Stafford and RB Knowshon Moreno. The defense should be one of the nation's best and look out for incoming freshman WR AJ Green. I smell an Arrelious Benn-type impact if not better from Green.

2. LSU Tigers-The Bayou Bengals are loaded with talent from top to bottom. This is probably a bit high in terms of rankings considering teams that win a BCS Championship usually take a year the next year off but QB Ryan Perrilloux should step in fine for departed senior Matt Flynn.

3. Missouri Tigers-If Tony Temple comes back this team stays in their current ranking. If Temple leaves I drop them around the 10 mark. Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin are two big reasons why Mizzou will again be contenders for a NC next season.

4. USC Trojans-Mark Sanchez should win the starting nod over Mitch Mustain and I believe he will be a better college QB than departed JD Booty. With that being said USC still lost to Stanford this past season and their prestige and invincibility has worn off. The early season match up with Ohio State could be the game of the year.

5. Texas Longhorns-The Longhorns are a weird team. On paper they should be one of the best in the nation with a ton of starters coming back including a ton of superb subs replacing guys. But Mack Brown's has lost a few games the past two seasons they had no reason to lose(example: A&M both times) so I wonder if this team can find it's way back to a Big 12 Championship game. Colt McCoy will decide in 2008.

6. Oklahoma Sooners-I was leaning heavily with the Sooners as my #1 team going into next season and they totally wet the bed against West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl. Again. The Sooners will be stacked with studs including the return of RB Demarco Murray and should be able to put up the points. The question remains if they can stop anybody next season on defense.

7. Ohio State Buckeyes-After getting stomped the last two seasons in the BCS Championship game against SEC opponents they should be thankful they are not in a tougher conference. They will still be the overwhelming favorite out of the Big Ten next year.

8. Florida Gators-Until they find a defense this team will only be the 3rd-4th best team in the SEC. Tim Tebow will be back and carry the Gators again, but they need to find some players on D and losing Derrick Harvey early doesn't help.

9. Kansas Jayhawks-The Jayhawks could be in for a let down after a great season because they have to play some tough teams next season. They have to travel to South Florida and Oklahoma and finish off the season with back-to-back tilts against Texas and Missouri.

10. Texas Tech-Stop laughing. The Red Raiders return 20 starters and remember they did beat Oklahoma this season. QB Graham Harrell and WR Michael Crabtree will be leading an explosive Red Raiders offense.

11. Clemson Tigers-I know it's Clemson and they are always good for 3-5 losses a season under Tommy Bowden but one of these years they have to break through. Guys? Right? CJ Spiller and Cullen Harper are back and if James Davis decides to return they are the best team in the weak ACC next season.

12. West Virginia Mountaineers-Maybe a tad low here with the preseason ranking but I have a feeling a first year coach isn't going to lead them to a top ten finish. Pat White and Noel Devine are two of my favorite players to watch so they will be exciting next season.

13. Arizona State SunDevils-They should be the second best team in the PAC-10 with Rudy Carpenter back. Actually the PAC-10 looks pretty weak on paper next season so don't be surprised if they finish top 10. The Georgia and USC games should be very interesting.

14. Wisconsin Badgers-The Badgers will continue to beat shitty competition in the Big Ten. I really hate watching the Badgers play football. It's like watching your grandpa take a leak. Long and depressing.

15. Boise State Broncos-The Broncos should be the non-BCS darlings next season with lan Johnson back at RB.

16. Penn State Nittany Lions-Losing QB Anthony Morelli is addition by subtraction for JoePA. Maybe WR Derrick Williams finally lives up to the hype coming out of high school as the #1 prep recruit.

17. Wake Forest Deamon Deacons-Jim Grobe can flat out coach and I believe he will have the Deamon Deacons again competing for an ACC Championship in 2008 with QB Riley Skinner returning.

18. Alabama Crimson Tide-JP Wilson is back, Nick Saban is bringing in recruits, and the Tide faithful are as hungry and insane as ever. The Tide should be a top 20 team with the talent they have. No questions asked.

19. Auburn Tigers-QB Kodi Burns looks like he could be a potential superstar next season. I should probably have the Tigers higher ranked but I think losing DC Will Muschamp to Texas will hurt some what.

20. Illinois Fightin Illini-Losing Rashard Mendenhall immediately wipes out any chance of the Fightin Zooks competing for the Big Ten title. They still should win 8-10 games with the players they have coming back.

21. BYU Cougars-Mormons rock in 2008.

22. Tennessee Volunteers-Phil Fulmer is usually always good for at least 9 wins which is really saying something playing in the SEC.

23. Notre Dame Fighting Irish-The Irish return a ton of top notch young talent and have a much more favorable schedule in 2008. Jimmy Clausen should have a good season behind a much improved offensive line. Watch out for incoming freshman WR Michael Floyd, he could become a favorite target early on in the season. Anything less than 9 wins should be a disappointment for Irish fans with the schedule they play.

24. Miami Hurricanes-Same with the Irish, Miami returns a lot of young premiere talent and play in a weak conference. I think they could finally send off FSU's Bowden to retirement if they blow them out this season.

25. Virginia Cavaliers-I will be the first one to admit I was wrong about UVA. They showed up in 2007 and they have a lot of promise going into 2008.

JUST MISSED THE CUT: Virginia Tech, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Michigan, South Florida

Well, that was quick. So much for "the return to glory under the leadership of Joe Gibbs" talk which took over the DC area four years ago when owner Daniel Snyder brought back the legendary coach. Gibbs has decided to step down:

Gibbs went 31-36, including 1-2 in the playoffs, after emerging from NFL retirement and his NASCAR career to sign a five-year, $27.5 million contract in 2004. He had always maintained he intended to fulfill the contract, but the 67-year-old coach wavered from that stance Monday when asked if he would return for the final year of his deal.

Gibbs' retirement brings an apparent end to a coaching career in which he twice raised the Redskins from mediocrity into a playoff team, although he failed in his goal of bringing the team back to the Super Bowl during his second stint in Washington.

It's hard for a coach to come back to the NFL after they have been out of the game for so long as Gibbs can contest. The Redskins had a rocky season due in part to the unfortunate death of safety Sean Taylor who was probably their most talented player. No reason to feel sorry for Gibbs though, he racked up over $20 million dollars of coin in his pocket the past 4 years while making the playoffs twice. I'm sure the good old boy at heart is ready to get back to sponsoring rednecks racing in circles at the ripe old age of 67. I wish him well, he seems like a really good guy.

So who will be the next coach in Washington? No idea here. Maybe Snyder will again try to grab somebody from the college ranks like Pete Carroll or Urban Meyer. I'm sure there are some hot shot NFL assistants out there waiting to get their chance too. Supposedly Redskin's assistant Gregg Williams is the leading guy according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen(take it with a grain of salt, Mortensen has whiffed more times than Adam Dunn this season with insider news).