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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Katarina Witt, the German Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater, shows she still has that extra special something to make everything right in the world. At least in my world. This is the type of side Steve Phillips should be getting.


According to The Big Lead the thing on the left has a name of Brooke Hundley, an ESPN employee who Steve Phillips was fucking on the side and what has ultimately cost him his marriage and job.

I knew Phillips was a bad ex-GM for the New York Mets but seriously dude, how the fuck do you pick that? The guy is going to loss hundreds of thousands of dollars in divorce because he wanted to go hogging. Don't get me wrong, hogging is a national past time for slumping ball players and/or Spring Break in Panama City but Phillips managed to pick out the worst one ever.

Apparently the "girl" had sex with Phillips three times which he has admitted to and can even identify some birthmarks around his cock and balls. She pulled a Fatal Attraction by showing up to his house and revealing the porking to Phillip's wife. His wife would probably just wished he fucked some random guys in park bathrooms instead of fucking Rosie O'Donnell's little sister.


Now this is what college football is all about. You don't see this shit in the NFL. The passion is unmatched. Georgia Tech students and fans tore down the goalposts last weekend after their upset of then #4 Virginia Tech at Bobby Dodd. They took the goalposts out of the stadium and dispensed of them on the lawn of the GT president. Fucking awesome. This is what I thought for sure I would be doing last week up in Notre Dame. The dream would have become a reality if Jamoris Slaughter or Sergio Brown were starting at free safety.

By the way, how do people including myself not mention GT coach Paul Johnson as one of the top 5 coaches in the game. Seriously. Everyone mentions Urban, Saban, Carroll, Stoops, etc. but it seems like Johnson's name doesn't ever come up. The guy is a winner. He took Navy to 10 wins seasons after leaving Georgia Southern with National Titles in hand and now he has the Yellow Jackets in a position to make a serious run for a BCS Bowl game.

Of course now that I said it I probably jinxed them. They got a big game this Saturday in Charlottesville in a stadium they haven't won since 1990, the last time they won the National Title. Al Groh's teams play great ball in October and this year they are 3-0. It should be a close battle. Right now Tech sits as a 6 point favorite but I bet this game comes down to a field goal.

Video HT: The Big Lead via WizofOdds.