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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New CHINASTY Chicago Hockey Dynasty Shirt

It's kind of hard to imagine but after 10 years of making t-shirts this is our first hockey related shirt.

It's called CHINASTY and it celebrates Chicago's Dynasty of 3 Cups in only 6 years.

SEC Championship Odds Per SI are an Interesting Debate

Sports Illustrated released their odds to win the SEC Championship.  It's always an interesting debate even when it's not the best conference in the nation.  Deep breath SEC Mouth Breathers.  I am only kidding.

It's only interesting in the South.

Alabama 5-2 Until someone knocks them off via miracle aka Auburn 2013 there is no reason not to have the Crimson Tide as the proverbial favorite.

Auburn 15-4 Will Muschamp is going to have their defense playing the greatest it's ever been.  If not they will be fucked because their gimmicky spread offense is not going to be putting up 40 plus points a game.

Georgia 5-1 UGA is consistently the most overrated team in college football when it comes to preseason rankings.  The Dawgs might not have a QB worth a shit but they still got a roster full of NFL talent just ready to be under utilized by Mark Richt.

LSU 8-1  How is it all these teams in the SEC have so much talent but such shit QBs?  Seriously I think LSU has Taco's eskimo brother playing QB this season or whoever was that shitbird who took the field vs ND in the bowl game.

Ole Miss 8-1 I keep telling myself not to fall for this Ole Miss bullshit. I keep telling myself they are still the same God forsaken piss pot program they have always been.  But like a fresh faced 5 star recruit with thousands of dollars pilled up in front of him on a recruiting visit I am starting to think Ole Miss is the place for me.

Tennessee 8-1 Now this is just some kind of funny hick joke right?  I mean nobody actually believes Tennessee, who hasn't been good this century, can win the SEC right?  Someone has been drinking too much of that fine whiskey up there to think Rocky Top is anywhere close to be a top contender.

Arkansas 10-1 No joke I could actually see Arkansas make a run for a SEC Title this year.  They shut out LSU and Ole Miss last season and you know they can run the ball.

Missouri 12-1 Mizzou is the Rodney Dangerfields of the SEC.  They get absolutely no respect even though they are the 2x defending SEC East Champions.  What we have come to learn is the east really is dogshit these days.

Mississippi State 12-1 I can't believe this team was #1 in the country at one point last season.  Fucking Miss State #1 in the nation?  It's so fucking asinine to even think it especially when they lost 3 of their last 4 games and got absolutely throttled by Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Texas A&M 15-1 Unless Johnny Manziel decides to come back and quit rehab the Aggies are irrelevant.  Yeah they got a good coach and some talented offensive playmakers but unless they got 10 more Myles Garretts on defense they can't stop anybody.

Florida 18-1 Well the good news is Will Muschamp is no longer roaming the sidelines looking for someone to yell at.  Gator fans can also look forward to a cake September schedule.  But once October rolls around expect many, many losses.

South Carolina 25-1 This will be Steve Spurrier's final season and it won't be a pretty one.

Kentucky 75-1 Basketball school.

Vanderbilt 100-1 Nobody gives a shit.