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Friday, February 05, 2010


Demar Dorsey is not only the #2 rated prep safety in the nation going to Michigan but he has an outstanding past with an arrest for robbery with a deadly weapon as a 16 year old and burglary of a building as a 17 year old. But who gives a shit the boy can play some ball and will now be up in Ann Arbor wrecking havoc in the dorms. Lock up your Macbooks coeds. Here is what Michigan head football coach had to say in regards to the controversial new recruit's past history...

Theres nobody on this football team that weve signed that has a felony conviction ... Theres nobody on this football team we signed that has a misdemeanor conviction.

Ah, makes perfect sense now. No wonder Demar can run a 4.25 40 and have a vertical jump of almost 40 inches. Mofo has literally been running from the popo the past 3 years trying to earn a scholarship to get his edumakation up in Ann Arbor. Dorsey is so fast he has managed to escape a felony conviction. It's fantastic to see DickRod take in such an outstanding young gentlemen into his program and show him the right way to do things. Hell, it worked for him with PacMan and Chris Henry in West Virginia. Those kids went in as saints and left as popes with degrees in hand.

God bless DickRod and his kind heart.