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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VIRGINIA TECH WILL BE ROCKING THE NIKE PRO COMBAT UNIS AGAINST BOISE STATE has the first look at what the Virginia Tech Hokies will be wearing on Monday night versus the Boise State Broncos. Of course you can always depend on Nike to come up with something new and these uniforms are a part of the new Nike Pro Combat series. I can't really tell by the picture if I like them or not. I'm usually more of a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms especially the numbers on the jerseys. I've also never worn camouflage in my life. Honestly I think these uniforms will just fire up the opposition more and Boise State will be ready for the Hokies. Right now Boise State is sitting as a 2.5 point favorite. These Virginia Tech uniforms have been the deciding factor. I'm going Broncos to cover the spread.

Link HT to Ryan.

Brantley + Heisman?!?!? You've got to be kidding.

Photo Image Courtesy of the Associated Press

Check out Chris Low's SEC blog on ESPN today and you'll notice something pretty interesting. Low tabs John Brantley as a Heisman Watch candidate from the SEC. He must have been on the Strasburg for President team. Just because the last QB of the Gaytors was either a Patron Saint or the reincarnation of Mother Theresa in a more manly, scratch that, more really really ridiculously good looking (thanks Zoolander) and much more athletic form, doesn't mean the "next" Gaytor QB should be in the running for the Heisman after not starting a game and only playing in mop up duty as last year. The kid is uber talented, but uber unproven and with so many Gaytors leaving their trailer parks for the NFL last year, the entire team has a lot prove. Hell, most of the coaching staff is less than 2 years in to their own mobile homes in the "swamp". Come on Chris, Marcel Dareus has a better chance at the Heisman and he's likely suspended for the season and winning this year's "I'm throwing away my talent by playing with agents", previously held by Maurice Clarett. PS no offense man, you're a good dude who's gotten his life straight after losing your eligibility and deciding to rob someone and you're much bigger than me, seriously man, no offense.

Season is almost here ladies and gents!!! Thursday's kick off can't come soon enough! Saturday starts the holiday season! Looking forward to the BCS having to justify their pics again, a few more coaches on the hot seat, Kiffin struggling, RichRod being fired, the SEC dominating, and everyone grilling out, drinking, and tailgaiting while pulling for their favorite teams which brings me to one important sentiment, Goooooooooooooo Dawgs! Sic Em! Woof Woof Woof!

Happy College Football Season!


What a waste of money this is: The senior to be quarterback completed 46% of his passes last season. Reggie Ball was more accurate! Come on Nerds...let's get serious. Nesbitt can run the ball (1037 yards on the ground last season) but he throws the football like a kid stricken with cerebral palsy.


Considering how completely anal MLB is with their interactive media I find it completely hilarious that someone fucked up last night when posting the latest J.A. Happ shutout (great move Phillies...ya fucking jackasses) of the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, the "ROAD GETS ROUGHER WITH TWO-SHIT SHUTOUT" for the Redbirds. They are now 6 games back of the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Central. Maybe Albert Pujols should spend less time at a Glenn Beck Political Rally. Talk about jinxing yourself and your team. Come on Machine. You should know better.

Picture via JoeSportsFan


I'm still a little steamed about Herbie leaving off Michael Floyd on his top receivers list from yesterday so I figured what the fuck? Let's do my own top 5 players by position. These are not up for argument because they are the truth. Ok not really but you get my point.

1. Andrew Luck (Stanford)
2. Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)
3. Jake Locker (Washington)
4. Kellen Moore (Boise State)
5. Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M)

1. Mark Ingram (Alabama)
2. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State)
3. Noel Devine (West Virginia)
4. DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)
5. John Clay (Wisconsin)

1. A.J. Green (Georgia)
2. Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)
3. Jonathan Baldwin (Pittsburgh)
4. DeAndre Brown (Southern Miss)
5. Julio Jones (Alabama)

1. Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame)
2. Weslye Saunders (South Carolina)
3. DJ Williams (Arkansas)
4. Luke Stocker (Tennessee)
5. Lance Kendricks (Wisconsin)

1. Anthony Castonzo (Boston College)
2. Lee Ziemba (Auburn)
3. DeMarcus Love (Arkansas)
4. Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)
5. Trevor Robinson (Notre Dame)

1. Adrian Clayborn (Iowa)
2. Marcel Dareus (Alabama)
3. Robert Quinn (North Carolina)
4. Cameron Heyward (Ohio State)
5. Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh)
*-Marvin Austin would have been top 5 but I don't know if he is eligible or not

1. Greg Jones (Michigan State)
2. Von Miller (Texas A&M)
3. Bruce Carter (North Carolina)
4. Akeem Ayers (UCLA)
5. Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)

1. Patrick Peterson (LSU)
2. Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)
3. Brandon Harris (Miami)
4. Aaron Williams (Texas)
5. Ras-I Dowling (Virginia)

1. Rahim Moore (UCLA)
2. DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson)
3. Will Hill (Florida)
4. Robert Sands (West Virginia)
5. Mark Barron (Alabama)

1. I
2. Honestly
3. Don't
4. Give
5. A Shit

If you care to second guess or make an argument for another player please leave it in the comments section. If you can convince me so and so is better I might be willing to change it.


In case you were like 98% of the rest of the sports world and had no idea the US Open started well here is your reminder with an incredible between the legs shot by Roger Federer. I love how they show Federer's wife after the shot. She must be familiar with his between the legs antics I'm presuming is what they are telling the viewer. Maybe not. Who knows. Just a couple of more days till college football starts and already my brain is shit.

Video via Deadspin


Cee Lo Green should win a grammy for this song. "Fuck You" is one of those songs that I will be singing in my dreams tonight. It's catchy and funny. I say we make this song #1 America. Do It!

Video HT to Andrew