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Friday, November 16, 2007

Apparently family members get pissed when you dig up a deceased relative for the purpose of using it on an Entertainment Sports Programming Network. The World Wide Leader in Sports is being sued by relatives of the George Gipp for lawyer speak that I have neither the brain nor patience to look up so I will simply quote them in this here fancy Blogger quotes:

It accuses the defendants of negligence, "willful and wanton misconduct, trespass and nuisance" and says the exhumation caused "extreme shock, fright, humiliation and mortification" for other relatives. It seeks at least $25,000, although a jury would set damages if the suit prevailed.

No word on whether Charlie Weis is named in the lawsuit for personally destroying Notre Dame's football history by forcing Gipp to turn over in his grave starting with the Georgia Tech debacle leading up to the most recent inexcusable losses to the service academies.

I found this little quick gem over at PoonoftheSEC. Not only do people in the South get to watch killer college football but since the weather is always nice the ladies love to show off the puppies. Here is a quick clip of some degenerate dingle berry* zooming in to get a little up close face time with some wonderful Bama Melons.

Great job on the quick pan to the left by the cameraman. I'm thinking this guy could do a really good job in the Van Nuys film business.

*=Every dude

Well, it was fun while it lasted for the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks got exposed by an average Arizona Wildcats last night in front of a packed house and not only suffered the curse of another #2 team to lose to an unranked opponent this year but also lost their leading Heisman contending QB in Dennis Dixon to a knee injury. With the Ducks now shot down this opens the door for Kansas or any other Big 12 team(Missouri and Oklahoma) for that matter to make it to the BCS title game if one of them wins out.

So what does it mean for the Heisman? It should have been Tim Tebow's to lose in the first place even before Dixon went down with an injury but now it becomes even more apparent. Sure Chase Daniel could make his case if he send Missouri to a Big 12 Championship game but I think Tebow is the better player and deserves it as long as he keeps putting up the numbers he has in the SEC. The fucking guy has 19 rushing touchdowns for Christ's sake! Anyways, last night was again proof that all the pundits out there, including myself, don't know shit when it comes to College Football this season. I knew the Wildcats would give them a game but I thought Oregon would be able to handle them with a strong Jonathan Stewart performance. By the way Stewart, if he comes back, would be the best back in the nation next season.

As for the BCS scenarios I'm not so sure people should be penciling in LSU into the title game. I think if Georgia can somehow make the SEC Championship game in Atlanta then they can beat the Tigers behind a strong performance from the legs of Knowshon Moreno, or Special K as I call him, and the big arm of Matthew Stafford. Of course Georgia would need to win their final SEC game against Kentucky and hope for Tennessee to slip up which I think they will against Vandy to get to the SEC Championship. So if LSU gets beat which I think is 50/50 right now, then who gets the other spot against the Big 12 Champion for the BCS Title?


Personally I hope this happens because I would love to see Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel "Ain't It" Devine go against one of the high scoring Big 12 Championship teams. I really don't care if it's Oklahoma, Missouri, or Kansas because all 3 teams have been highly entertaining to watch and a match up with West Virginia would be a wild shoot out reminiscent of the BCS Title game two years ago.

A playoff is what we need no doubt. Just think if every playoff game was as electric as last night in Tuscon. This is what we would get for 3-4 straight weeks....

There is no way I could have held out that long in not rushing the field with a funnel hat and whip cream covering my nipples in delight while laying a booze dripping wet one on Mike Stoops. Don't judge me people!