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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Before you kick off your snow boots and enjoy a cold one feel free to join the 2nd annual Sportscrack Bowl Pick Em Contest. Whomever gets the most points at the end of the contest gets their choice of prizes.

You can either get:
A)$75 worth of Sportscrack Tees and/or Drink Like A Champion Today Tees
B)A Full Size Replica Football helmet of your favorite team(can be NCAA or NFL)

Remember that you are only picking the winners of the bowl games and NOT betting against the spread. You will assign a point value to each bowl game in terms of your confidence level. For instance everybody with half a brain knows Florida is going to blow out Oklahoma in the BCS Title game so assign a ton of points to it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Beautiful Beer image above courtesy of Andrew Merriam.

Also, to anybody who won our weekly College Football Pick Em contest during the regular season, please email me at the same address and tell me which week you won along with your user name and we will arrange shipping you your free Sportscrack shirt. If you live in Canada then I'm sorry. No shipping across the border eh!


This deal is wrong on so many levels I figured I would let a guy, actually a great writer named Dave O'Brien who covers the Atlanta Braves for the, break it down with this comparison in terms of dollars in what Sabathia will get in New York to what future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux made during his entire career....

Just consider, Sabathia will make more during this deal than Greg Maddux, who retired Monday, made during his entire, spectacular 23-year career. Maddux made about $154 million and won 355 games, recording 109 complete games and 3,371 strikeouts in 5,008-1/3 innings and 740 starts.

Sabathia, 28, has 117 career wins and 1,659 innings.

After going 17-10 with 251 strikeouts in 253 innings this season, he would have to average 16.5 wins and 223 innings for the next 15 seasons to match Maddux.

So congratulations go out to the New York Yankees to getting Sabathia. They give him the richest contract ever for a pitcher surpassing Johan Santana's deal from last offseason and now rely on him to get them a World Series ring. This despite pitching nearly 750 innings the past 3 years and his ever growing waist which will break down his body eventually. Oh yeah, they also offered him a deal reportedly worth more than $60 million more than the nearest competitor for Sabathia's services. In a shitty economy. Now that is smart baseball.


I don't know how I missed this the other night. Oh yeah, I don't watch much NBA Basketball or really pay attention to it unless it's playoff time or the Atlanta Hawks are involved. Anyways, my buddy Billy pointed out this clip to me of Boston Celtic's Glen Davis, aka Big Baby, losing it after Kevin Garnett got on to his teammates during the Celtics blow out victory over the Portland Trailblazers on Friday night.

What a pussy! I mean come on man, show some fucking dignity. Davis obviously has some personal issues to deal with and I will admit I have cried numerous times in the past but I had good reasons. Women and Notre Dame football can be really painful to the heart. A teammate bitching you out is no reason to cry. Charlie Weis coming back for a fifth season and/or catching a swift kick in the balls from a girlfriend because you say she looks a little chubby lately are perfectly good reasons to shed tears.

If Sean Avery is going to get suspended for 6 games for a sloppy seconds comment then I think the NBA needs to come down hard on Big Baby. 10 games minimum for crying on the bench. It's only fair since athletes are apparently not allowed to express their feelings.


I think we got a winner here. Christian Bale as John Connor is a perfect match. This film, with the right marketing could do Dark Knight numbers in the box office. If those motorcycles look familiar in the trailer then it's because they bring back memories of Batman's chopper so to speak.

There is no Arnold in this one from what I have heard. He is too busy terminating Prop 8 in California.