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Sunday, December 23, 2007


This video was released today on Roger Clemen's foundation website and I must say the guy refuses to go down without a fight. Of course he won't sue anybody or actually display any evidence of him being a saint during his playing career but he will continue to deny, deny, and again deny he did anything wrong. He is as defiant as Barry Bonds and unfortunately he thinks we are morons who can be persuaded to believe his lies. His arrogance is laughable.

Clemen's refusal to acknowledge his guilt is eerily similar to Pete Rose. Both guys should be in the Hall of Fame but both essentially fucked it up by lying to the public and themselves. At least some guys are being some what honest about their wrong doing and taking responsibility for their actions. With Clemens we will never get it until about 15 years down the road when he realizes he can make some money from a book about the real story of his drug use.

I can already see the title: "ROCKET FUEL."

What a dick!