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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kenny Trill Shirts Now Available For Sale

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You saw him destroy the Cocks while writing his name in the record books during his first start in the nation's toughest conference in the SEC.  Now you can order the official Kenny Trill shirt!

A portion of all sales will go to the American Cancer Society.

Auburn QB Nick Marshall Post Game Interviews Are Always Clear and Precise

I think it goes without saying but Auburn QB Nick Marshall is clearly a Communications Major.  Could you even imagine being the sideline reporter and your job at the end was to dialect one Nick Marshall?  We are going to need some help with this guy.  Can anybody help?  Here we go...

I play da football with da coach and something something peanut butter bread...

If the SEC ever does a "home of the student-athlete" ad it must include one Nick Marshall.  He's got Rhodes Scholar written all over his confused face.