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Monday, November 02, 2015

Watch Kirk Herbstreit Piss His Pants on Live TV

This was about the only funny thing that happened during the Notre Dame vs Temple game unless you count ND's red zone offense which can be down right hysterical at times.  I seriously hope Herbie was wearing his night night pullups because there is no doubt he discharged some fluid below the waist.  I've never seen a grown man shriek so loud besides the distraught Michigan fans two weeks ago.

"Talk To Your Kids About the SEC Myth" Parody Video

I love the setup for this video.  Let's have a honest discussion with our kids about college football.  You can fault kids all you want for being loud mouth jerks but you know you get the absolute brutal truth out of them.  If something doesn't look right they will flat out tell you to your face.  You know how many times I've been called a "poopyface" by my daughter and her friends?  Hundreds.  And you know what those little bastards are right.  I do have a "poopyface."  I can't help it's genetics and alcoholism and I do fart a lot.  So when a parent sits down and talks to his kids about the SEC myth then you gotta listen.

Even if it's an Iowa fan.

Full disclosure to any other Iowa fans please keep your mouth shut about your 8-0 record.  You haven't played one ranked opponent this year and you will not till the Big Ten Championship so please keep quiet about being undefeated.  It means nothing.  But I do love the Civil War jokes.  Those never get old.

The SEC Myth is going to be exposed for better or worse in November.  LSU is the only undefeated team in the conference and they play Bama in Tuscaloosa this week.  If LSU loses then you do the math.  If Bama wins it will also be their first quality win.  This year a one loss SEC Champion could get squeezed out of the playoffs and this would be a great thing.  You know why?  Because then the playoffs would be expanded to 8 teams.  The SEC would never tolerate one of their teams not being included in the big dance so to speak.

So in conclusion let's all root for the SEC conference to get shut out of the playoffs.  In the end it will be great for college football and for bragging rights even though rooting for a conference is right up there with the dumbest thing you can do.