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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Classic False Start Call

College Football kicked off last weekend and I don't seem to recall what happened. Notre Dame and Georgia both won right? Personally it was one of the all-time shittiest weekends I've ever had. Granted I knew Notre Dame could find a way to lose because for the past 18 years it's what they do really well at and I knew Georgia would get smoked by the much better team in Boise State but I wasn't planning on my dog passing away right before halftime of the Notre Dame game. Yes, my best friend of the past 13 years who has been my side through all the debacles and triumphs since I was in college up in Maryland, just couldn't hang on anymore. Soco was an incredible companion, friend, family member, whatever you want to call him. He was my boy so forgive me if I don't completely recollect what happened after he passed on Saturday. All I know is he is greatly missed.

Anyways enough of the somber news. Soco is back to humping coeds and jumping off docks trying to catch that elusive tennis ball. He had a great life and a very long life for a black lab. All he needed to see was the 1st half of that clusterfuck Notre Dame put up to realize "fuck's time to go." Can't blame Soco at all. It isn't worth the headache of rehashing so let's look ahead to next week.

Notre Dame and Georgia are both living by a thread. Fuck why did I have to put it like that? Shit, well both of them are basically barely .500 teams the past 2 years and both have fanbases that are going to blow a gasket if they lose this weekend. Notre Dame travels up to Michigan to face Shoelace under the lights. If the Irish cut out the turnovers, trim the penalties, and catch the fucking ball then I think they blow out Michigan with Tommy Rees at QB. I don't know what to say about Georgia other than they just looked completely overmatched against Boise State. I can't imagine what South Carolina is capable of doing against a very poor Georgia defense who will be missing their best defender in LB Alec Ogletree.

Either way next weekend has to get better. It will get better. Notre Dame will wake up the echoes. Georgia will find a way to win between the hedges. And I will be watching because life goes on.

RIP Soco.