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Monday, September 15, 2008



Seriously, who the hell cares if they only scored 3 points and won the game. If Auburn has poon like that they deserve to get more first place votes then USC in my opinion. I call it the Power of the Poon poll.

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Picture courtesy of South Bend Tribune

-The stadium was electric on Saturday despite the fact that both teams were unranked coming into the battle. I still haven't recovered my voice as I'm am pretty sure it is still in Section 2, row 21.

-This year's Notre Dame team is completely different from last year. They are much more emotional and the team seems united and more focused. I credit the coaching staff with some of this but I think most of it comes from the players. The leadership is much stronger and guys are stepping up.

-Golden Tate needs to get at least 8 touches a game. Every time Jimmy Clausen gets the ball in Golden's hands something good happens.

-Robert Hughes is quickly becoming one of the most reliable backs in the game. Two TD's and no fumbles in a wet game was key.

-This ND team is so young it really should be a serious NC title team next season. When you see guys like Floyd, Rudolph, Kamara, Tate, Hughes, Allen, Clausen, Robinson, Johnson, Fleming, Blanton, Harrison Smith, Brian Smith, Neal, Gray, and many others who are making major contributions to this team who are all underclassmen you realize the future is very bright for Notre Dame football in 2009 and beyond.

-This team still hasn't earned their respect. Mo Crum talked about earning it at the pep rally and despite kicking the shit out of Michigan they will not earn any until they beat Sparty in East Lansing this Saturday. It's good to see a team play with a chip on their shoulder who wants to prove the world wrong. This team wants to win badly and it shows by the emotion on the field as soon as they come through the tunnel.

-Mike Aenello is a God. The special teams dynamo is a former walk-on who earned a scholarship this season because of his incredible energy, hustle, and overall great play on kickoffs.

-Overall this was my most memorable trip to Notre Dame. I met a ton of great people at Corby's, the College Football Hall of Fame, at the tailgates, and of course at the game itself. I managed to carry Johnny Lattner's Heisman Trophy and talk to Rocket Ismail for nearly two hours. In case you were wondering, Rocket could not stop talking about Golden Tate and for good reason.

-And to top it all off I knew the attitude of these players had changed when talking to some of them on Thursday. When asked about Michigan and their chances on Saturday, one starter simply stated to us "FUCK MICHIGAN!" Words that bring tears to these Irish eyes.

-Go Irish!!!