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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Les Miles is a Basketball God with his old school Converse Weapons

When he isn't eating grass on the sidelines you can find LSU head coach Les Miles playing a mean game of hoops in his Converse Weapons. ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt hooked him up with the old school 80's-style Magic Johnson kicks and all of a sudden the Mad Hatter is running circles around his kids. The note Van Pelt left said "Now these are some proper kicks right here. I mean-how many wins are these worth? 3 minimum before you eat any grass. I hope all is well in Baton Rouge."

Now if Miles wants to keep the streak going he has to find a way to wear the Converse on the sidelines this fall. LSU is a Nike school but contracts be damned. This is about wins and losses. And all I know is I have a preseason bet that LSU wins the SEC this year and with Miles luck it's going to happen with the old Weapons on his 57-year-old feet.

Via Lost Lettermen via Dr. Saturday