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Friday, September 03, 2010


Floyd Mayweather Jr talking major shit about Manny Pacquiao: "As soon as we come off vacation, we're going to cook that little yellow chump. We ain't worried about that. So they ain't gotta worry about me fighting the midget. Once I kick the midget ass, I don't want you all to jump on my d---. So you all better get on the bandwagon now. ... Once I stomp the midget, I'll make that mother f----- make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice."

Um, wow. I don't even know what to say. Could you imagine if a white person said this? Everybody would be crucifying Mayweather if he wasn't black. You know what? FUCK MAYWEATHER. I hope Pacquiao destroys that arrogant racist asshole. Mayweather needs to be put in his place.

The back of the bus of course.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Quote via TheBigLead via ESPN


For what should be a glorious season. The Fighting Irish are 11 point favorites tomorrow against Purdue. It's at home. They should cover. Notice I said "should."

My expectations for Notre Dame are even tempered. I know they will have a much better team than last season since they have their first legit college head coach in Brian Kelly since Lou Holtz was pushed out of South Bend. But I also know Notre Dame went 6-6 last year and decided not to play in a bowl game. The fact that they decided not to play still really pisses me off. The year before they went 7-6 and of course in 2007 they were a complete disaster at 3-9. It's been an awful and depressing 3 years to be honest.

Like some of you I literally live and die with how the Irish play in the fall. I know it's sad but it's just a fact of my life. With that being said I think we are in for a very pleasant season. The Irish will score more points this season. They are going to average over 40 a game and will put 50 on the board at least twice. No more laying the foot off the gas like Charlie did. BK is going to push his starters and backups to their best and will never tell them to lay down to an opponent. You play 60 minutes hard or you go fucking home and somebody else will replace you.

New QB Dayne Crist will have an amazing season. He's going to complete a high percentage of his passes because the spread offense will be lethal with weapons like Michael Floyd (1st team AA), Theo Riddick (Golden's replacement who will be an instant fan favorite), TE Kyle Rudolph (1st team AA), and a slew of backs led by senior Armando Allen and breakout sophomore Cierre Wood. Crist is going to make people forget about JC and Brady real quick. He's a leader and the unofficial captain.

The defense is the part where I'm most skeptical. It's been atrocious for too long. Guys have looked out of place and have been pushed around for what seems like centuries. This will hopefully change starting tomorrow. What I do know is that Manti Te'o is the best defensive player to put on the Blue and Gold since the Holtz Era. He is the Hawaiian Hitman for a reason. He kills people.

His new friend at inside linebacker is Carlo Calabrese. The Italian Stallion is what I call him. He loves to hit. He will be a mack truck tomorrow. The linebacker group as a whole will be extremely fun to watch all season. My worry is the defensive line. I know KLM is going to be a stud and I have confidence in Ian Williams being a plug in the middle but for the defense to reach it's potential they need Ethan Johnson to live up to his billing coming out of high school. Ethan needs to be Justin Tuck. He needs to get to the quarterback and knock him out. No more soft Ethan. I want hard nosed, take no bull shit Ethan. If they get that the Irish could go undefeated. I'm not even bull shitting. The secondary will be better than people think. Corners Darrin Walls, Gary Gray, and Robert Blanton are legit cover corners. Safety Jamoris Slaughter will bring the man"Slaughter" every Saturday. He can flat out hit and he is probably my second favorite player on D behind Te'o. He'll play on Sundays. Not a doubt in my mind. Harrison Smith has been mostly down since arriving in South Bend. He will step up big time this season. He's too much of an athlete not to do it his senior season.

So what do I expect record wise this season? 10-2. They went 6-6 last year but easily could have been 12-0 with any semblance of defense, coaching or leadership. I think they get all three of those things missing from last year. There will be a couple of hiccup games and I think it will be Michigan State or Stanford and then Utah or USC. By the way USC looked awful last night. It's actually the worst they have looked since 1999. The tides have turned.

The Kelly Era will begin starting tomorrow. It's time to start smiling and laughing after the games are over on Saturday. No more playing down to their competition for the Irish. Brian Kelly asked his players "ARE YOU IN?" during the Spring. They will be and show it tomorrow by destroying Purdue.

Go Irish!

Prediction: Notre Dame 38 Purdue 17


Only in New York does some fucking guido start talking smack to an old lady. Where's the fucking respect? I gotta hand it to the old man. He stood up for this lady even though he has the reaction time of Adam Dunn at first base.

So the old man died right? It's in New York so I kind of expect this shit to happen every day. He was probably visiting from Da Boca Vista. Also bravo to the kid sitting in the middle the whole time. He wanted no part of his jack ass friend arguing with an old lady so he just sat there and ignored the whole situation. I find it extremely amusing.


This is how I felt last night when FAMU couldn't put one measly point on the board and help with my bet. All they had to do was lose by less than 41 points and yet they get blown out. It's good to see the culture of Miami has changed especially in the stands. So I lost my first game but I came back with a vengeance late last night when I won my three team moneyline parlay of South Carolina, Utah(Utes can't be beaten at home even when they play like shit), and USC(this is going to be the worst Trojans defense in decades, their secondary looked like a high school JV squad).

Tide will Roll Again

I may not be a Saban fan, but he's a genius and his team is scary good. The Tide will Roll again. It’s going to be a hell of a season!

BCS TITLE GAME: Alabama vs. Ohio State
The last 4 years have ended with the SEC Champion hoisting the BCS trophy. This year will be no different. Alabama goes to the title game with one loss, probably to Auburn, and faces and undefeated Ohio State. Ohio State has a reputation of never losing to a team in Ohio. Granted, the other teams include Akron, Marshall, Ohio, Miami-Ohio, and the powerhouse that is Moorehead State, but the Little 11 or whatever they are going to call themselves now just isn’t what it used to be. The toughest game on the Ohio State schedule may realistically be Iowa, but getting past UM in week 2 may not be the easiest of battles. Terrelle Pryor may just be the Heisman front runner and the Buckeyes have sworn to actually, gasp, pass the ball this year. Personally, I hope OSU makes it to the title game. I don’t think they have what it takes to hang with a top tier SEC team this year and they will still never have won a bowl games against the SEC. As much as I don't want to see the Buckeyes in the title game over an undefeated Boise State the pollsters and computers will get them there because of the BCS affiliation of the Big Ten.

Winner: Alabama 38 – Ohio State 10

ROSE BOWL: Iowa vs. Oregon
I agree with Matt, Iowa looks good and they should run the table, outside of losing to OSU. Despite losing Jeremiah Masoli, Oregon will be good yet again and should win the Pac-10 with a 2 loss season. Look at Stanford and Oregon State as possible underdogs, but let’s face it, Lame Kiffin is not going to be at the Rose Bowl unless he’s in the stands so I could care less. No University of Spoiled Children = win for McPeters! This game would be the classic offense versus defense and definitely a game worth paying for.

Winner: Oregon 17 – Iowa 14

In the first season without Bobby Bowden on the side lines since Dinosaurs were not fossils, Jimbo Fisher leads a very talented and very deep FSU team to win the ACC and play in the Orange Bowl. TCU is this year’s Boise State and there is a huge BCS ruckus as to how TCU is not in the title game. When all is said and done, Florida State and Christian Ponder prove this year isn’t a fluke and show they are on the verge of regaining national status. FSU will just be too much for TCU to handle.
Winner: FSU 24 – TCU 17

FIESTA BOWL: Boise State vs. Oklahoma
Maybe I’m just praying for this rematch, but would love to see a 1 loss Oklahoma face a 1 loss Boise State. TCU and Boise will both be very good this year and show they belong on the national level, but both teams falter in bowl games and prove they aren’t quite ready to face the big boys on a week to week schedule. Oklahoma uses the embarrassing Statue of Liberty play as motivation and makes it seem like Smurfette isn’t the only girl on Planet Smurf and looks for to the old time “there’s always next year” motto. Let’s be honest, this game isn’t going to happen anyway so let me run with this hope.

Winner: Oklahoma 38 – Boise 17

SUGAR BOWL: Georgia vs. Texas

Texas wins their conference and UGA shocks the nation. Texas is deep and talented yet again. They signed a great recruiting class again and Mack Brown and Will Muschamp prove they are one of the best coaching tandems in the nation. The defense proves stifling all season, but Texas loses one game to get knocked out of the National Championship and is less than enthused to play UGA. Georgia lives up to it’s sleeper status. Aaron Murray matures through the season and with the Offense around him, has the slack to do so. The UGA schedule is set up to get here and Georgia beats a very deep, very talented, but very young Florida to get into the SEC Championship game with one loss. Alabama beats UGA and goes on to the National Championship and UGA is thrilled to be back in a BCS bowl. Mark Richt may lose this bowl game, but I’m not betting against UGA to step up and with Murray mature at this point, the sky is the limit. Georgia uses the spurning of Will Muschamp as motivation and AJ Green, Washaun Ealey, and Orson Charles light up the Texas defense and Grantham’s 3-4 is in full swing breaking Garret Gilbert’s hopes, dreams, and maybe a couple of ribs.

Winner: UGA 24 – Texas 13

HEISMAN TROPHY: Terrell Pryor, Ohio State

Terrelle Pryor loses the National Championship game, but finally lives up to all the hype in a close vote.

With all of the off the field troubles and an 8-5 season behind him, Richt makes a BCS bowl and gets the respect he deserves. He’s 90 and 27 in his 10 years as the head of UGA and the “mediocre” talks finally end. Richt remains the dean of the SEC and pride comes back to the Bulldawg Nation.


DOAK WALKER AWARD (BEST RUNNINGBACK): Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State


MACKEY AWARD (BEST TIGHT END): Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame