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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tim Tebow Has a New Beard...I mean "Girlfriend" named Camilla Belle

Tim Tebow is a very successful, good looking backup quarterback virgin who has had thousands of girls throw themselves at him but none have been successful according to Tebow himself.  Now apparently he is dating an actress named Camilla Belle who has been previously linked to a tennis player and one of the Jonas brothers.  I'm sorry but I'm not buying it.  This Belle girl is a classic beard for Tebow.  Just come out of that cavern of a closet you hide in with excuses like Christianity and saving yourself for the right girl Tebow.  You would inspire millions.  Stop hiding.  We can all see it now.

By the way I'm talking for every straight and probably gay guy in the world here.  Tebow is human.  If he likes females like the rest of the straight population he would be knee deep in vagina already.  It's in our DNA.  We can't control it.  Now if he is gay then clearly he is scared to reveal it to his teammates and fans and has this Camilla girl as his "beard" to hide his gayness.

Either way nobody cares.

Eli Manning is Enamored With The Subway Flooding

Look at the concern on Eli Manning's face.  Poor rich athlete will never get to use the subway again.  If you thought New York smelled bad before I can't imagine the stench coming from all those dead hookers coming from Alex Rodriguez underground lair.

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David Stern's is Worried About The Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Well played David Stern.  Well played.  After this he retired to his private suite where he kicked puppies and kittens and lit up his stogie with burning Franklins.

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