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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


You can always rely on the government to fuck up something so simple even if it's a spelling of a name. Bobby Cox was honored yesterday on Capitol Hill with a cake that read "Thanks for 50 Great Years Bobby Cocks!" DC should be honoring Cox after all the Nationals seem to get half their win total versus the Bravos. Maybe one of these days Bobby will wake up and realize your leadoff batters shouldn't have the worst on base percentage on the team and your best hitter shouldn't be batting 6th in the lineup. Nah! Eat your cake buddy.

Image HT: D.C. Sports Bog


Baseball lost a legend yesterday as long time Detroit Tigers announcer and Hall of Famer Ernie Harwell passed at the age of 92. Harwell is an icon in Detroit and will be missed dearly. Ernie goes out as a class act and will surely be impossible to replace. RIP Ernie Harwell.


What better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo than to have a fellow Mexican talk about getting screwed over by the man? It's a shame when Mexicans like Conan can no longer get solid jobs in the States because of their cheese belly's. I mean is it not obvious that Conan is clearly more funny and relevant than Leno? I'm going to pour one of Mexico's finest beers of Guinness out today for Conan, a native Mexican with his dark complexion. Senor Dingdong would be proud.