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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Manti Te'o Song

That does it for me.  Manti Te'o has my Heisman vote.  Granted I don't have a vote and the Heisman Trust people object to me even mentioning their award.  But fuck them.  Te'o for Heisman!

"First down...second down...third down...PUNT!"

Via Dave

The One Thing Good Thing About the Jacksonville Jaguars: Their Cheerleaders

Yes the Jaguars are good at something and it has nothing to do within the football lines.  Just outside of them you can see the true talent of Jacksonville shine.

Via TheBigLead

Northern Illinois Football Players React To Orange Bowl Berth

Do I agree that Northern Illinois should be in a BCS Bowl over teams like Oklahoma, Georgia, Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU? No. Those teams are clearly better than Northern Illinois. But I don't want to hear those teams fans bitch about going to a lesser bowl because at the end of the day you have nobody to blame but yourselves. If you win your conference or only lose one game all season then you make it. You didn't. So don't be mad at Northern Illinois. Be mad at your team for not finishing their business.

 By the way this is yet another reason why I love college football. The reaction by Northern Illinois is straight joy. Gotta love the passion.

 Video via TheBigLead