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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Malik Zaire Crying in the Locker Room Got Me All Cutting Onions

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't start getting a little emotional after watching this.  Losing your star QB in Malik Zaire to a broken ankle is heart wrenching.  Not just for the team but mostly for the player.  Zaire is the unquestioned leader of the offense and perhaps the whole team.  He puts his heart on his sleeve so to speak.  He wants to be there for his brothers and now he can't go to war with them every Saturday.  It sucks.  These past two seasons I've never seen a more snakebitten team in terms of injuries than Notre Dame.  They have already lost 5 starters for the season and it's only two games in.  That's 25% of their starters and they don't get a big break in the schedule like all the SEC out of conference games and Ohio State Big Ten schedule.  They play a legit as fuck Georgia Tech team this week followed by Clemson in two weeks and USC.

But there is only one thing Notre Dame can do to get over these massive injury casualties.  WIN.  And keep winning for guys like Zaire, Folston, Smythe, Jones, and Crawford who can't be on the field with them but are fighting for their guys on the sidelines.  Just keep on winning.

Go Irish!

South Park on DeflateGate

Well that about sums up DeflateGate perfectly.  Someone broke a bull shit rule.  Or did they?

I'm so confused I'm just going to take a nap and pretend it never happened.