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Monday, June 05, 2017

Video of a bar fight in Nashville involving Rex and Rob Ryan

They might not be in the NFL anymore but you know brothers Rob and Rex Ryan don't mess around even at their older, more supposedly wiser ages.  Rob and Rex were caught in a bar fight in Nashville while in town for the Stanley Cup (Go Predators!) at none other than Margaritaville.  Apparently some drunk ass threw a drink at one of the brothers and in true Roadhouse style Rob and his beautiful flowing locks of hair went straight for the jugular.  If you get in a fight and a dude goes straight for your throat especially a guy the size of Rob you probably should have a beer bottle in hand to crush over their skull.  You gotta love the Bryce Harper Nationals jersey too.  That jersey is just hanging on for dear life by every button ready to pop.  Nothing says I came here to drink some beer and beat some ass than a Bryce road jersey in Nashville.