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Monday, October 10, 2011

Chicks in Thongs Fighting

Usually when I go to a Chinese restaurant I expect a smile, some egg drop soup, pot stickers, and some mongolian beef finished off with a dry fortune cookie. Apparently I've been going to the wrong one since Chin Chin or PF Changs don't have chicks in thongs destroying the shit out of the joint while fighting with no pants on. Seriously what the fuck happened to their bottoms? Trust me I'm not complaining but I'm utterly confused. Have bottoms become optional in Chinese establishments?

College Football Has To Get Rid of The Taunting Rule

In the final outcome it didn't really matter since LSU absolutely throttled Florida and easily covered the 16 points but this new taunting rule is fucking ridiculous. I've watched the replay about 6 times and I can't see anything unsportsmanlike about it. LSU punter Brad Wing was having a little fun going into the endzone and opened up his arms. Big deal. He didn't point at a Gator or flick off anybody or do any high stepping. Are we not allowed to have fun in college football anymore?

The new rule in Section 2 of the NCAA Rule Book says that an unsportsmanlike act (in other words celebrating) will result in "if the penalty occurs before the play is dead, it is ruled a live ball foul and the penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul (where the player's feet are at the beginning of the act)" so not only did Wing get a touchdown taken off his one fucking chance in his life but then LSU got a 15 yard penalty from the spot. This rule is so fucking dumb it's not even up for debate. They are kids who bust their ass and when they finally get a chance at glory the NCAA is going to pull this shit and strip it away. For fucking celebrating?

Obviously I am flabbergasted and feel like I should write a letter to the NCAA complaining about it but then again I am lazy and would rather drink myself into forgetting this ever happened. What I am saying is somebody else needs to contact the NCAA. Just don't do it with your arms spread open or they might pull the Gestapo on you.