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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Syracuse/ESPN Child Molestation Story is about to explode

I'm sorry that I haven't been paying much attention to this whole "Bernie Fine molesting ballboys at Syracuse" story because frankly I got so burned out on the Penn State shitstorm. Now it looks like not only did Bernie and his batshit crazy wife have sex with this ballboy but ESPN had proof of it back in 2003 with a recording. And ESPN did nothing with it? Holy shit!

ESPN and Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim have a whole lot of explaining to do. Boeheim came out last week and flat out said the ballboys were lying and trying to get money because of the Sandusky story in Penn State. Boeheim was clearly trying to support his friend who has been an assistant coach for more than 30 years at Syracuse but in the process he made himself look like a complete asshole. And why the fuck wouldn't ESPN talk to Boeheim about the allegations that are proven true on the tape when it surfaced 8 years ago? If anything ESPN should have gone to the cops with the tape but from my understanding they just sat on it because they wanted the exclusive story.

Is the world going crazy or am I just a drunk idiot who can't figure this shit out? All I know is that I'm 100% positive if this shit happened around me I don't care who it is I'm reporting it to the police to at least investigate.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Was Disappointing

We already knew the Victoria Secret Fashion Shows were extremely overrated but they pretty much dropkicked America in the balls last night by not including SportsCrack favorites Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton. That's just a pure UnAmerican move. Upton and Decker are without a question the hottest "American" models and instead you throw a bunch of Amazonian stick figures up there. It's insulting. And yeah I know Decker and Upton are Swimsuit Models but I don't give a shit. You get them in your show. This isn't the minor leagues here. The Victoria Secret Show is suppose to be the Bigs and yet they went little. Total socialist move right there.