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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Brent Musburger Brought His A Game Last Night, Introduced Himself as Kirk Herbstreit

Do Lee Corso, Lou Holtz, Verne Lundquist, and Brent Musburger all have the same agent?  All 4 of these college football horses should have been put out to pasture years ago yet here they are...still fucking up on national television.   Granted I love them all and television is entertainment so I can see why TV execs continue to push them on the viewers.  I'm just wondering when one of them will show up in nothing but ladies underwear, jacking it on live television after an all night blow fest.  Don't laugh.  It's going to happen.  My money is on Corso.  He looks like a blow and hookers type of guy.

Red Lightning Was Certifiable Cougar Bait Last Night

Arguably who is more famous right now: Jameis Winston or Red Lightning?

Well it's obviously Jameis since he has a Heisman Trophy and now a National Championship after last night.  But Red Lightning is creeping up real quickly.  That curly haired freckled ginger snap is all the rage right now.  And as you can see from last night he played the victim of Cougar bait.  His shirt wide open Miami Vice style while the cougars swarm in by the smell of his red pubes.  He's simply irresistible.  Red Lightning is a Dos Equis commercial come to life.  God speed bro!  Conquer the night you soul less spawn of Devil semen you...

Does The "99" Tattoo on Paulina Gretzky Qualify as a Tramp Stamp?

Granted the Great One's daughter didn't get his famous number "99" tattooed above her ass in the time honored traditional spot for a tramp stamp but does the left hip qualify as the minor leagues of tramp stamps?  Maybe I need to ask Wayne what he thinks.  He must be honored.  Also I think Joe Cool lost a couple of his toes inside her bottom.  Chances are 99% of men have lost stuff in there.

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