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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steve Spurrier Just Cock Slapped UGA and Mark Richt

South Carolina head ball coach Steve Spurrier was a willy one today in front of reporters. He was asked about the upcoming season and what were his thoughts coming off South Carolina's most successful season...ever.

“Now, our people know we can win 11 games, and when we don’t, they’re going to be, ‘How come we’re not winning 11, Coach?’” Spurrier said in his familiar twang and wearing that equally familiar smirk. “That’s just the way it is.”

Spurrier than was asked his thoughts on Georgia and Mark Richt wanting to move their annual SEC East clash to later in the season. This should piss off Bulldawg Nation:

“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

It will be interesting to hear how "Christian" value man Richt responds to the Old Ball Coach critique of his program. I'm sure he will mutter the same old bull shit about college kids make mistakes and blah blah blah. It's weird how doesn't happen every single season at other programs but whatever, Richt is Christian so it's all good.

He also had more choice words for Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Will Muschamp. Check out's Chris Low article here.

Top Basketball Recruits Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Muhammad Announce College Decisions

Two basketball powerhouses picked up the two best recruits in the nation yesterday. First up was Nerlens Noel who is the #2 overall recruit in the nation and at 6'10 can step in and dominate the college game much like Anthony Davis did this past season for #1 Kentucky. And like Davis Noel will be another one and done player for Kentucky as he decided to take his services to Lexington to ball for head coach John Calipari who once again gets the top class in the nation. Nerlens which sounds like drunk southern slang for New Orleans picked Kentucky on ESPNU with a little help from some clippers at the barber shop.

Not too shabby for coach Calipari. You go from "The Unibrow" dominating the paint to "House Party" in 2012.

Second to pick on ESPNU was Shabazz Muhammad, a point guard out of Las Vegas, who is the #1 rated overall prospect in the country. Like Nerlens parents Shabazz apparently were high as a kite when they decided to pick out his name. Shabazz was down to Kentucky, Duke, and UCLA. He decided to stay out West...

UCLA head coach Ben Howland has to be ecstatic getting Shabazz along with Kyle Anderson, the #3 overall prospect in the country. Next up for UCLA is the big guy in the middle in Georgia's Tony Parker. Howland has been on the hot seat but with these two one and done players he can take UCLA back to the Final Four and perhaps compete with Kentucky for a National Title. I think we all know why Shabazz picked UCLA over Kentucky and Duke. It's not because of the competition or the coaching or even the history. It's the Asian chicks. Think about it. UCLA stands for U C Lots of Asian chicks all around campus.

Now that is something to cheer for.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Started Last Night

Unfortunately I've missed the whole NHL season since I put a one year protest on the game because they did nothing to prevent my Atlanta Thrashers from moving to Winnipeg of all places so forgive me for my lack of insight. It's not right because the passion and electricity that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs is above and beyond any of the other professional sports playoffs in my opinion. To get you hyped up the NHL produced a couple of videos for the conferences. Enjoy.

Eastern Conference Preview

Western Conference Preview

Oh yeah and fuck you Atlanta Spirit for killing hockey! Assholes. I won't even go to the Hawks games because they have their slimy mitts all over the franchise.

Jeff Francoeur Is A Good Guy, Buys 20 Pizzas For Fans In Oakland Stands

Many baseball fans will remember Jeff Francoeur as the can't miss Atlanta Braves prospect who was dubbed "The Natural" when he exploded onto the MLB scene 6 years ago. Today he is the did miss prospect who now occupies right field for the Kansas City Royals after playing with the Mets and Rangers since he was traded from his hometown Atlanta. But what people should remember about Frenchy is what he did yesterday to a whole section of fans in Oakland...

It all began last September when Francoeur engaged with a bunch of Oakland diehards seated out in right field on a night when it happened to be “Bacon Tuesday.” The following evening he strolled to his spot in right and threw a ball in their direction with a hundred dollar bill wrapped around it along with a note that read, “Beer or Bacon Dog on me. Jeff Francoeur.” And it’s been authentic love ever since.

He did it again last night — 20 pizzas to Section 149 (here’s video). Jeff Francoeur is awesome.

Those same well-fed fans presented him with a green shirt that said “Second Annual Bacon Fest sponsored by Jeff Francoeur.” Here’s the keeper quote from Frenchy: “I told them I’ll come out early and hang out with them in the parking lot and eat bacon.”

Yes indeed. Frenchy is pretty fucking awesome. The guy who replaced him in Atlanta, Jason Heyward, was asked what he would do if fans made a shirt of himself to honor him and he responded with "SUE THE MOTHERFUCKER!"*

*=Heyward didn't actually say this and please don't sue us...again.

Frenchy by the way got a shirt at the Second Annual Bacon Tuesday and asked for every member of the section to autograph for him. Seriously. Don't believe me then look for yourself.

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