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Monday, June 16, 2008


Down to the final hole on 18, Rocco Mediate has a one shot lead over Tiger Woods. Going for his first ever major at the age of 45 a lot of people are pulling for Rocco including myself. But a lot more people are pulling for Tiger.

The drama continues...

UPDATE at 4:07 PM: Tiger just birded the 18th to send it into a sudden death playoff.
Rocco still looks confident and calm while Tiger continues to be Tiger.

No nerves. No emotion. Tiger can't be human.

UPDATE at 4:14 PM: Tiger hits the fairway on his first drive in sudden death. Now Rocco, the 158th ranked golfer in the world, snaps his drive into the bunker and finally looks flustered.

UPDATE at 4:17 PM: Rocco still joking and laughing while he walks up the fairway. As much pressure as there is it looks like Rocco is having the time of his life. His lie in the bunker is not TOO bad, but then again it's never fun to be on the beach when you are on a golf course.

UPDATE at 4:19 PM: You can pretty much put it in the bag for Tiger. Rocco pulls his second shot into the grandstand area.

UPDATE at 4:21 PM: Tiger is going to hit his 9 Iron into the green. Of course he nails it on the green, now just needs to two putt it for another Championship.

UPDATE at 4:23 PM: Rocco gets a drop because he is within a club length of the grandstand. He pretty much needs to hit it within 5 feet to give himself a chance. No spin on the ball going into the green, he now has at least a 15 footer for par. Tiger remains stoic as usual.

By the way, Hi Def golf looks incredible.

UPDATE at 4:27 PM: Tiger just comes short on his par putt, maybe 2 inches if that. Rocco now has to nail his long par putt to send it to another sudden death hole.

UPDATE at 4:28 PM: Rocco misses the putt wide right. Tiger wins again. Rocco handles it with class and gives Tiger a hug. 14th majors now for Tiger. Jack Nicklaus continues to look in his rearview mirror, a Tiger continues to creep up on him.

The reason why Tiger wins these tournaments is because he is so mentally tough. It was something his father instilled him. I know this because Nike told me...


Who is this Tiger Woods again? Never heard of him but I think he has a future in the game of golf. Talk about clutch, I believe Tiger now defines the word. It's not often I get the chills when watching sporting events and it sure as hell usually never occurs when watching golf but this putt was simply...awesome! Watch the replay over and over and you can't help but get fired up after seeing Tiger go ballistic after squeezing in the putt on the 18th to send it to a playoff today against Rocco Mediate.

I actually wore red yesterday while playing golf with my Dad on Father's Day and the funny thing is he wore red too. If you don't think Tiger is the most influential and powerful sports athlete out there (yes, Tiger is an athlete) then you simply haven't been paying attention. Everyone wants to be Tiger. Just like everyone wanted to be like Mike.

Unfortunately I shot a 96 yesterday so I have a way to go. But I did have a few pars. (crickets chirping)