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Friday, October 29, 2010


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WWTTDGD... AKA What Would Time To Die Guy Do? That must be the new saying in Gainesville. No more St. Tebow. Gay-tor fans are now praying to a new diety, Chris "TTDG" Rainey. I knew Meyer was a croc...

Jeff Schultz of the AJC picks against the Dawgs this week, but check out his weekend predictions anyway. I couldn't help but find this little excerpt hilarious. Schultz officially made my day.

I know. Georgia has the better quarterback. Georgia has the better running game. Georgia has the best player in the game (A.J. Green). Georgia even has the coach who didn’t drop-kick his conscience and morals this week. Florida coach Urban Meyer will bring back Time To Die Guy Chris Rainey. He will hand off to Time To Die Guy. He will throw to Time To Die Guy. I’m guessing he will even wear an wristband with the inspirational initials: “WWTTDGD.”

Chris "TTDG" Rainey's mug shot