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Monday, July 25, 2016

Andre Dawson's Greg Maddux Prank Story is one of the All-Time Greats

Now I feel bad for not including Greg Maddux on my all-time team.  When you piss in a hot tub full of black guys it takes some serious balls.  Only a legend like Maddux could pull such a savage prank move.  Mad dog is right up there with George Brett's shitting his pants story.

40 Days Till College Football Kicks Off

We are officially 40 days till the first fall Saturday of college football.  What better way to celebrate 40 days till college football bliss by going back and watching one of the greatest runs in it's history: #40 Reggie Brooks of Notre Dame spinning, running over and around Michigan for a spectacular touchdown.  Brooks was knocked out on the play and still managed to subconsciously get himself in the endzone.  No doubt Brooks deserves to hit the "Play Like A Champion Today" sign after this incredible run vs a hated rival.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Papi David Ortiz Hit a 440 Foot Homer Last Night at the age of 40

Is there a better human being on the planet than David "Big Papi" Ortiz?  I don't think you can find one.  What Ortiz is doing at the age of 40, his last season, is remarkable and completely legit.  He leads all big leaguers in RBIs and OPS.  Did I mention he is 40 years old?  Oh yeah.  Crazy how a light hitting Dominican who was released by the Minnesota Twins in late 2002 could become this behemoth of a slugger on his way to a Hall of Fame induction when all is said and done.  It's perfectly normal for guys 12 years past their primes to have seasons like Big Papi is doing right now.  Anyone who thinks he is cheating clearly doesn't know the impeccable character of Mr. David Ortiz.  He would never cheat the game.  Never.  Ever.  The guy is a saint and should be celebrated the way Barry Bonds finished his career.  Remember Bonds never failed a drug test too and he was remarkably doing the same super human things Ortiz is doing right now.


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Click on any of the pictures to order the official Under Armour Notre Dame Shamrock Series 2016 Jersey!

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Click on any of the pictures to order the official Under Armour Notre Dame Shamrock Series 2016 Jersey!

Jim Harbaugh Doing Jim Harbaugh Things: Stars in Michigan Themed Rap Video

Jim Harbaugh has no chill.  This week Harbaugh made his rap debut by starring in Bailey's "Who's Got It Better Than Us?" by shouting out the title lyrics over and over.

I can't wait till Notre Dame plays Michigan again in 2018.  It's going to be epic.

2016 Notre Dame Shamrock Series Jerseys Unveiling Tonight

The annual Notre Dame Shamrock Series uniforms unveiling are always a big hit whether you like them or not.  Tonight ND will release the full uniform with jersey and helmet to the public at 6:30 EST.

Of course we will be selling the official game helmets and jerseys soon.

Here are my favorite Shamrock Series jerseys by order...

1) 2013 Shamrock Series Jerseys (Dallas, TX)
2) 2011 Shamrock Series (Washington D.C)

3) 2015 Shamrock Series (Boston Fenway Park)

4) 2012 Shamrock Series (Chicago)

5) 2014 Shamrock Series (Indianapolis)

6) 2010 Shamrock Series (New York)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Top 10 Most Overrated/Overhyped College Football Players Going into 2016

These guys need to show more on the football field this fall vs top 25 teams before I'm willing to give them Heisman-worthy accolades...

1.  Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma - Mayfield finished 4th in the Heisman last season despite playing pedestrian vs the Sooners top competition (Tennessee, TCU, Texas and Clemson).  At this point until Mayfield proves it against top 25 teams his overall play is overrated.

Now if we are talking about underrated we could point out Mayfield's hypnotic dance moves...

2.  Jabrill Peppers, LB, Michigan - Talent wise I think Peppers is one of the best in college football.  Production wise though he hasn't come close to matching his high school rankings and will now be playing linebacker for Harbaugh and company.  He should be playing corner/safety.  If Peppers can prove himself as a hybrid LB he will quickly come off this list.  But at this point going into the season he is overhyped.

3.  Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami - I've tried my hardest to see what exactly all the expert draft gurus see in Kaaya.  He reminds me of Christian Hackenberg a little bit.  He looks the part of big-time college QB with a good frame but his stats don't match the picture.  I've seen some draft mocks with him going top 5 overall.  No way.  Overrated and overhyped.

4.  Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA - Rosen is much like Peppers on this list.  Talent wise he's elite for sure.  But he's still real young and makes a lot of poor decisions both on the field and in social media.  He needs to grow up and mature.  At this point it is insane for any publication to put him on their top 10 college football players in the game but I have seen it numerous times.  Rosen is overhyped going into his true sophomore season.

5.  Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn - To be fair injuries have held back Lawson for the most part of his collegiate career.  But still he's going to be a senior and he has yet to make an impact as projected coming out of high school.  At this point he is more overhyped than overrated because of the injuries.

6.  Joshua Dobbs, QB, Tennessee - As a runner I like Dobbs a lot but he's a QB.  He needs to get better accuracy throwing 10 yards past the line of scrimmage or defenses are going to stack the box against the Vols all season.  Much like Tennessee and Butch Jones I think Dobbs is overrated going into 2016.

By the way somebody tell Dobbs to stop blocking the television...

7.  Tim Williams, LB, Alabama - Misses way too many tackles.  Plays stiff and is undersized.  Decent pass rusher but not very good against the run.  He's a product of a great defense surrounding him IMO and benefits from his teammate Jonathan Allen getting double teamed.
Even his "highlights" aren't all that impressive...

8.  C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa - I've read some articles listing Beathard a top 20 overall player in college football over the likes of Greg Ward, Calvin Ridley and Adoree Jackson among many others which is flat out crazy talk.  Yes Iowa had a good year but I wouldn't say Beathard won them many games.

9.  Zach Banner, OT, USC - People look at his size (6'9, 360) and automatically think All-American tackle.  But Banner hasn't played like an AA in his first 3 seasons at USC.  At this point in his career he is more overhyped because of his size.

10. O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama -  If you watched the NCG vs Clemson (5 catches for 208 yards and 2 TDs) you are probably laughing your ass off because I included Howard on this list.  But if you look at the prior 3 full seasons before that game you would wonder what all the hype was for Howard coming out of high school.  There is a reason why Howard came back for his senior season instead of cashing in on his big performance vs Clemson.  For a man his size he needs to be more physical and run better routes.  Until then he is overrated and overhyped.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Showtime Releases Teaser for "A Season With Florida State Football"

As someone who can never get enough college football I'm looking forward to Showtime's 2nd season of "A Season With" this time with FSU.  Last year they hit a home run with Notre Dame being featured in this "Hard Knocks" inspired production.  It will be interesting to see the behind closed doors differences between the two programs.

FSU's opening week game vs Ole Miss should provide some highlight trash talking between two highly talented and athletic football programs.  Jimbo Fisher is now single since he divorced his cheating whore of an ex-wife so I'm sure we will see him swinging his dick around all the Tallahassee coeds.


My MLB All-Time Starting 9

Since we just passed the 2016 All-Star break I've seen a lot of people arguing over their all-time MLB rosters.  It's an argument as old as David Ortiz's needle injected butt marks but I figured I would contribute some knowledge.  I've left off all known cheaters so there will be no Bonds, ARod, Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Piazza, etc. on this list.

My lineup-

1) LF Rickey Henderson - Anybody who leaves off the greatest leadoff hitter with the most runs and stolen bases in MLB history clearly has no clue.  I'm not that guy.

2) CF Willie Mays - This was a tough one for me because I wanted to put Griffey Jr in center.  But I went with the Say Hey Kid because of the numbers he put up while mostly playing at the Polo Grounds (480 feet to center, 450 feet to alleys) robbed him of even higher power numbers.

3) 1B Lou Gehrig - The most underrated superstar of any generation.  Gehrig averaged 145 RBIs per season!  This is still a no brainer despite him passing over 70 years ago.

4) RF Hank Aaron - I couldn't leave off the HR King.  755 will live on forever with Hammerin' Hank.

5) DH/P Babe Ruth - Ruth is probably the greatest baseball player of all-time.  Not only could he hit (714 HR) but he was also an ace on the mound (94 wins during 5 seasons).  So I feel comfortable with Babe at DH who can also come in and pitch some relief if need be.

6) 2B Robinson Cano - I firmly believe when Cano's career is finished he will go down as the best 2nd baseman to ever play the game.  He does things that guys like Joe Morgan and Robbie Alomar only wish they could do on the diamond.

7) C Johnny Bench - Even with the numbers Mike Piazza and Pudge put up while on steroids it doesn't compare to Bench.  He was the glue of some great Reds teams in the 70's.

8) SS Cal Ripken Jr - No one before him could play short like he did at his size.  He helped usher in the big guys playing short (ARod, Jeter, etc.) and should have won more Gold Gloves but got screwed because he wasn't as flashy as others.

9) 3B Brooks Robinson - Defensively nobody compares to the Human Vacuum Cleaner at the hot corner.  His bat was also clutch in the postseason, helping deliver Baltimore multiple World Series titles.

Starter RHP Pedro Martinez - Nobody was more dominate than Pedro during the steroid era.  He was mowing down hitters with ease despite facing lineups full of roided up middle infielders.

Starter LHP Madison Bumgarner - I know this will come as a shock to a lot of you but right now if I had to pick a lefty starting a deciding game I would instantly think Bumgarner.  He's helped personally deliver the Giants 3 World Series titles and he's as clutch as they get in the postseason.

Closer Mariano Rivera - This is a no brainer and if anybody tries to argue it they need to be admitted to the looney house.

Long Relief John Smoltz - Smoltzie was as dominant a starter as he was a closer.  The ultimate team player he was overshadowed by Maddux and Glavine but HOF manager Bobby Cox gave Smoltz the ball when the game or season was on the line.

Set Up Goose Goosage - I don't think you could find a more intimidating guy on the mound unless his name is Bob Gibson.

Manager Earl Weaver - No team is complete without the Earl of Baltimore cussing out an umpire to protect his players.

Lou Holtz Carried Around a Bottle of Crown Royal at the Republican National Convention

Dr. Lou Holtz just dragging his nuts all over the Republican National Convention floor with his bottle of Crown Royal.  Fucks given?  0.

Granted I'm rather positive Holtz has zero idea where he is or what he's holding at this point in his life.  Still he's just dragging his pearls of wisdom all over the floor in Cleveland.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Notre Dame Finally Lands An Elite Defensive Tackle Prospect in Darnell Ewell

At 6'4 and just a shade under 300 lbs defensive tackle prospect Darnell Ewell is already big enough to start in college football.  What's scary is he will just be entering his senior season in high school and already possesses the sheer strength to run over and through blockers.

Notre Dame got the elite defensive tackle prospect they have been sorely missing in Ewell.  He is the most highly rated tackle since they signed Eddie Vanderdoes (who transferred to UCLA before ever playing to be close to his "sick grandmother").  Rivals has Ewell as a top 125 player overall and the 8th rated defensive tackle in the country.  He's the 16th commitment in the 2017 ND recruiting class which is projected to finish top 5 overall in the nation.

Ewell picked ND over the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Clemson, Alabama and many others.

Here are some highlights of Ewell from his junior season...

Notre Dame Tweets Out Picture of the New Jumbotron

This is enough to wet the whistle for any die hard Notre Dame fan.  The mecca of college football is finally getting a jumbotron!  It's about time.  Notre Dame tweeted out this picture of the new jumbotron being constructed.  It's part of the "Campus Crossroads" project which entails $400 million in renovations and improvements to Notre Dame Stadium.  The project should be completed in 2017 for the home opener vs Michigan.

Go Irish!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

College Football Hype Video to Remind You We Are 7 Weeks Away

Don't want but NEED college football back right now!  Today is easily the most depressing and boring sports day of the year with absolutely nothing going on.  It only amplifies how much I miss college football.  The good or bad news for some of us is it's only 7 weeks till we get our college football fix.

Had No Idea JJ Watt Was "Dating" aka "Groin Massages" with Lindsey Vonn

Oh JJ Watt you sly dog you.  Last night on the ESPY's (still have not watched it...ever) Tiger Wood's ex-fuck buddy Lindsey Vonn pulled the cat out of the bag on live tv and joked she gives JJ Watt groin massages.  Watt, who looked completely embarrassed because the whole world and his boyfriend thought he was gay, laughed nervously as Vonn sized him up in front of Hannah Storm.  Poor guy.  I completely know how he feels to be a famous rich athlete who women throw themselves at every day.  It's a burden we must persevere through that the mortals have no clue the will power it takes to be extraordinary.

Winifer Fernandez Looks Like a Talented Volleyball Player

The Dominican Republic not only produce the best baseball players in the world but apparently they got the upper hand with girl's volleyball.  Winifer Fernandez is a 21 year old beauty who can set and dig balls with the best of them.

This is what we need to see in the Olympics in Rio.  Less women's soccer and more women's volleyball.

Drunk Girl at Kenny Chesney Concert Tries to Defy Gravity

A video posted by Barstool Sports (@barstool_sports) on

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dwight Howard Gets Emotional and Cries During His Introductory Atlanta Hawks Press Conference

Welcome back to Atlanta Dwight Howard.

Nick Saban Gets in Heated Exchange with Paul Finebaum on SEC Network over Hootie Jones/Cam Robinson Non Suspension

I've said it before but you can't help but tip your hat to Nick Saban.  He simply doesn't give a fuck what you, me, the media or Paul Finebaum think about what should be done to two players found with illegal handguns and weed at 2am in a park.  I mean is that not just perfectly normal?  I can't tell you how many times I've been arrested for illegal handguns and weed and the DA just threw it out because I play in the SEC.  This is normal behavior in today's world.  Why are we judging these kids so harshly?  Don't cross Saban.  He only needed 4 police motorcycles to escort him to SEC Media Days today.  This is SEC football royalty we are talking about.  He could have you erased so quickly from the planet you would think you were an AP Poll member.

It's good to know Saban doesn't condone Hootie Jones and Cam Robinson's behavior though.  He's not going to convict them of anything but he doesn't condone what they were doing.  Good talk coach.

What we did find out from this video is that Saban will do whatever it takes to win football games in the fall.

Here is the full video of the exchange...

Apparently Saban got real heated with Finebaum when they went off air.  Of course Saban's two former players and now SEC Network media members in Booger McFarland and Greg McElroy knew to keep their distance and not question the all powerful leader.

And in the end we found out Jones and Robinson will both be playing vs USC in week 1 without any form of suspension.  Because we all know Saban has to win games and that's all that really matters.  Roll Tide.

Tom Brady's Deflategate Suspension Upheld And I Don't Fucking Get It

Comedian Bill Burr sums it up perfectly.  I'm not a Tom Brady fan or a New England Patriots fan by any means but this suspension for "Deflategate" has got to be the dumbest fucking thing ever.  We are seriously still talking about pressure in a football when no one can prove shit.  Literally there has been no proof or evidence Brady or the ball boys tinkered with the footballs.  It's just the NFL and/or Indianapolis Colts who hate Tom Brady and the Patriots for some reason.  Well we know the reason the Colts hate them.  Maybe Brady fucked Roger Goodell's wife or daughter or both.  I don't fucking know but it's clear as day Goodell has a personal vendetta against Brady.  And it's not about the pressure in the footballs.  It doesn't matter.  The NFL is shitting all over Brady who should be enjoying his final seasons in the NFL while they let Peyton Manning skate by when it is clear as day he was doing HGH to recover from his neck injuries.

What a world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Greg Schiano Tells ESPN's Adam Schefter He Never Saw Child Abuse at Penn State

Sure you didn't Schiano.  We (some Penn State fans and Ohio State fans who continue to bury their heads in the sand) all believe you.  Make sure you don't break every bone in your body once you fall out of the trust tree.

At this point I would not be heartbroken one bit if they just burned the whole Penn State football program to the ground.  How could you not after reading something like this...

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno dismissed a sexual assault complaint made against assistant coach Jerry Sandusky by a 14-year-old boy in 1976 and the school was made aware of other allegations long before Sandusky was arrested in 2011, according to documents unsealed Tuesday in a Philadelphia courthouse.
A person deposed as part of an ongoing insurance lawsuit was asked by a lawyer if Paterno said, “I don’t want to hear about any of that kind of stuff, I have a football season to worry about.”
The man, identified only as John Doe 150, confirmed in a 2014 deposition that Paterno indeed said that after the man approached him about Sandusky’s inappropriate sexual contact in a shower.
“I was shocked, disappointed, offended,” the man said. “I was insulted.
“I said, ‘Is that all you’re going to do? You’re not going to do anything?’ (Paterno) just walked away.”
John Doe 150 is one of 32 people to have reached a financial settlement with Penn State, according to

This Picture about sums up SEC Media Days

I can't think of a better picture that encapsulates the true red blooded SEC fan.  It's wonderful and glorious.  All that is missing are some Florida jorts and a Georgia tucked in polo shirt.

Documents Unsealed By Philadelphia Court Reveal Greg Schiano and Tom Bradley Knew and Witnessed Jerry Sandusky Abusing Kids

Documents unsealed today in Philadelphia court revealed testimony that former Penn State assistant coaches Greg Schiano (current Ohio State defensive coordinator) and Tom Bradley (current UCLA defensive coordinator) knew of Jerry Sandusky raping boys while on Penn State's campus.

The testimony from 2015 came from assistant coach Mike McQueary who reported to Joe Paterno back in 2001 of witnessing Sandusky raping a boy in the Penn State showers.  In his testimony McQueary states he discussed what he saw with Bradley who told him Schiano also witnessed Sandusky raping a boy.

Court documents also released show that Paterno knew as early as 1976 of the Sandusky abuse.  And yet none of these coaches did anything to prevent it.  Sickening.

It's amazing how anybody with even a minor speck of morality could not report what Sandusky was doing to these boys back in the 1970's all the way to just a few years ago.  I honestly believe every coach who knew and did nothing should never be allowed to coach again.  But yet here we are and Schiano is a high paid Ohio State DC as well as Bradley at UCLA.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Bizarre Commitment Scene: FSU Gets RB Khalan Laborn in a Lamborghini

Yeah I don't think the NCAA or FSU compliance is going to be looking into this commitment at all.  4-star RB Khalan "Lambo" Laborn showed up to Nike's The Opening Camp in Oregon this weekend driving a Lamborghini with FSU stickers on it.  Nothing suspicious at all to see here folks.  Move it along.

Gotta hand it to FSU on this one.  If you wanna compete with the likes of the SEC you gotta pay good money for talent.  And Laborn is a legit talent.

Now I am going to wait for the next big commitment move.  Maybe somebody will shoot out JoePa's ashes out of a cannon for a cool Penn State commitment.  Or do a big line of coke off a hooker on a boat for Miami!  The possibilities are endless! 

Friday, July 08, 2016

Star Athlete C.J. Holmes Picks Notre Dame By Catching a Leprechaun

I gotta give it to these kids these days.  The originality is off the chains with these football commitments.

4 Star Athlete C.J. Holmes picked Notre Dame over the likes of Alabama, Tennessee, and Michigan with this rather hilarious fishing video.  HE CAUGHT HIMSELF A LEPRECHAUN!

Last season Notre Dame used star athlete C.J. Prosise (converted safety/wide receiver) at the tailback position because of the departure of transfer Greg Bryant and the injury to starter Tarean Folston.  Prosise exploded on the scene and went on to rush for over 1000 yards with 11 TDs while parlaying into an early draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks.  Holmes has many of the same qualities as Prosise not just including their first names.  Notre Dame sold Holmes on the ability to use him as a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and I think he's one of the top 5 all-purpose backs in the nation.  Both have a similar build but Holmes looks like he has better hands and is a little more smooth running between the tackles.

Holmes made his first trip to South Bend in June for the Irish Invasion.  He left there making the biggest impression among the elite prep stars who attended the one-day camp.  Holmes was blown away by the campus, staff, and the emphasis on being a "student-athlete" and not just a football player.  Today he made his commitment known while attending the Nike Camp called the Opening.

Getting a star athlete like Holmes is huge for Notre Dame because of his versatility.  He can be a star tailback, receiver, or even defensive player.  The ND staff has told Holmes his first spot will be RB and will use him like they did Prosise during his senior season.  Sign me up for that.  Always nice to have a tailback with home run break-away ability.


Here are some junior season highlight of C.J. Holmes...