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Monday, November 03, 2008


He finally caved in his chair so to speak. Phil Fulmer, the always classy head coach for the Volunteers these past 17 years and who became the inspiration behind EDSBS's Fulmer Cup is now leaving to go on to bigger and better things. I guess that would mean Dunkin Donuts or death. I don't have much to say about Fulmer or Tennessee for that matter. Never been a fan of either so I will let my correspondent from Alabama sum up my feelings for "that school"....

This of course is bad news for Florida and Georgia fans. Tennessee has been on a spiral staircase to nowhere ever since Kelley Washington enrolled but now if they can get a good head coach (Cincy's Brian Kelly or Duke's David Cutcliffe come to mind) they can quickly turn around the once proud program. As much as I dislike the Volunteers it just doesn't seem right for them to be 1-5 in the SEC this year so I guess getting rid of Fulmer was inevitable. That National Championship season of 1998 seems as old as the Civil War to the Volunteers simple minded folks.

In honor of Fulmer leaving we are discounting all of the Volunqueers shirts to $8 for the next 2 days. It only seems right.


Fox's Kenny Albert had a bit of a Freudian slip coming back from commercial break during yesterday's Titans-Knockers...I mean Packers game. I have no idea why he would say knockers. He must have been thinking about the knocking of kids at his door on Halloween night. Yeah, that must be it.

Video HT: FanIQ


In honor of the Red Raiders upsetting the #1 ranked Longhorns in Lubbock on a last second touchdown catch from Michael Crabtree (Heisman moment) we have come up with this "GUNS UP HORNS DOWN 39-33" t-shirt. On the front of this vintage feel and look black t-shirt is the date of game "November 1, 2008" and the statement "Showdown for the Ages" on each side of the guns along with the "GUNS UP 39-33 HORNS DOWN" slogan. On the back of the shirt it simply says "BEVO IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER."

Get these one of a kind commemorative UNLICENSED shirts and celebrate the greatest win ever in Lubbock, Texas before they are gone.

Shirts are available for the low price of $17 at this link.

This guy can't get enough of the shirts...settle down big boy before you blow your load....