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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Peyton Manning Reacts to the new Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos

So it looks like Kim Kardashian has bounced back from delivering Kanye West's devil spawn by doing what she does best: sex and working out.  Granted her hips are now wider than Texas but who gives a shit, everything else is legit.

When asked about his thoughts about Kim and her new post baby body Peyton Manning showed his horndog self...

Padres Honor the Late Tony Gwynn With a Tremendous Tribute

You can often see how much a human being had an impact on the world after they leave the living world.  On Monday Tony Gwynn left at the young age of 54 due to complications from cancer.  He left a legacy.  Everybody has nothing but kind words for Mr. Padre.  He was an institution in San Diego having grown up, gone to college, and played his entire career in the area.  I was fortunate to meet Tony a couple of times growing up and he didn't let you down with his smile, his laugh, and his ability to connect with you even though he really didn't know you.  We all knew about Tony growing up but he was more interested in finding out about you the person.  Tony was just a great guy.  A great player.  Perhaps the best hitter the game has seen in 50 plus years.  Tony Gwynn will be missed.  Tony is up there with the Cal Ripkens, Dale Murphys and Ozzie Smiths of the baseball world.  Great ball players who were even better good guys off the field.  They lived up to the sports idol for every kid.

RIP Tony Gwynn.