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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lane Kiffin To Bama Deserves a New The Beverly Hillbillies Song

What in the fuck was Nick Saban thinking?

Lane Kiffin?


People don't intentionally try to get AIDS or Cancer but here we are in 2014 and Saban has just infected his program with Kiffin.  It's the most deadly disease known to football.

Those poor inbred cousins down in Tuscaloosa have no fucking clue what they are getting into with Kiffin.  And don't even start with the "well he was a great coordinator with USC" bullshit.  The Trojan's roster was full of Heisman winners and All-Americans.  Gene Chizik and Larry Coker could have one done wonders with those players too.

In all honesty I have to thank Saban for hiring Kiffin.  It's going to be pure entertainment down in Tuscaloosa.  Saban is letting his ego get the best of him thinking he can turn anything into gold and shit maybe he does shine the shit off of Kiffin's turd of a coaching career but I seriously doubt it.

Image via @Nick_Pants

CSN Introduces The New Chicago Cubs Mascot Clark Who Apparently Is Packing Heat

You might want to put some pants on that Cub.  100 plus years of losing baseball and still Clark the Cub is packing some serious heat.  Good for him.  Bad for the kids.

Deadspin did a great job with Clark.  You might as well make him anatomically correct if he's not gonna have any pants on.

Great Hockey Fight: Mike Brown vs Aaron Volpatti

Talk about some haymakers!  Holy shit these two goons exchanged some bloody blows.  It looks like Mike Brown of the San Jose Sharks got a little bit of the upper hand in this exchange with Aaron Volpatti of the Washington Capitals.  I'm going to make Gretzky bleed!!!!

Great Prank: Devil Baby Stroller in NYC

These videos always have me cracking up.  Just seeing someone scared shitless is funny.  Imagine if they filmed this animatronic devil baby prank in Texas instead of New York City.  That fake baby would have bullet holes all through it.