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Friday, August 14, 2009


My Dad pointed out the cover of the Philly Daily News today: HIDE YOUR DOGS. I feel sorta bad being a dog owner and all because I laughed out loud when I saw the headline. Philly fans hated Michael Vick when he played for the Falcons even though he could never beat the Eagles so I can't imagine too many fans embracing this move. But let's be completely honest here, Michael Vick is a football player and not some politician and/or role model. He is still a piece of shit in my book and I'm glad he isn't on the Atlanta Falcons. If he can go to Philly and contaminate the Eagles who could be the one team the Falcons have to beat to reach the Super Bowl then I say bravo. I can already see Donovan going down with a knee injury in week 5 and then everybody including myself waiting to see Vick come out in those Eagles colors as the savior. And then he drops back to pass and he tries to juke a defender like he is running away from the DA but his quickness has eroded. Defenders are younger and some are faster than Vick now. And then he flails the ball into a linebackers hands or merely fumbles it away. This is the Michael Vick I remember for the Falcons. What is 2 years in prison going to do to his game? Certainly can't improve. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Ask Vick himself. He has dealt with many "old" dogs.

December 6th in the Dome can not get here soon enough.

It looks like the Vick signing has the McNabb stamp of approval. This according to McNabb himself...

If Vick comes in and looks good in the preseason (which I highly, highly doubt) then there will be an all out QB controversy in Philadelphia. I don't know how this would be good for the franchise. Either way NFC fans win. If you are a New Jersey Giants fan or an Atlanta Falcons fan you have to feel pretty good today. The Eagles were serious contenders to reach the Super Bowl with their stellar offseason acquisitions of LeSean Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin in the draft plus getting left tackle Jason Peters from Buffalo was a huge addition looking to protect McNabb. Now all of that could be thrown out due to a Vick controversy.

But then again Vick could come in and win and Philly fans will love him because they are crazy and they want to win at all costs. Trust me, I say this having many friends who are die hard Philly sports guys. If news came out tomorrow that Cole Hamels killed Benjamin Franklin nobody in Philly would give a shit because Hamels won a ring.