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Friday, June 29, 2012

Isaiah Crowell Arrested on Gun Charges

Georgia tailback and leading rusher Isaiah "Shotgun" Crowell was arrested this morning and charged with multiple felonies including carrying a concealed weapon. Don't worry folks Mark Richt will give him a come to Jesus talk.

According to Athens-Clarke police spokesperson Hilda Sorrow, Crowell was arrested as the result of as “vehicle check-point stop” — a road block — on East Campus Road at Green Street at 2:20 a.m. Friday. Officer Kristin Thornton reported smelling the odor of marijuana in Crowell’s 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Crowell gave consent to search the vehicle, himself and four other unnamed occupants. No marijuana was discovered but a 9-mm Luger handgun with an altered serial number was found under the driver’s seat. Crowell was immediately arrested and taken to jail and the car was impounded.

My guess is Crowell will never play another down between the hedges. It seems like every offseason I'm making excuses for one of their tailbacks getting suspended or thrown out of school. Actually it is every offseason. Crowell is just the latest "can't miss" prospect who just couldn't grow up and mature in Athens. It's probably Mike Bobo's fault.

Don't worry Georgia fans. You still have freshman Keith Marshall. He won't get in trouble because he is actually a good kid off the field. His skill set is similar to Crowell but he doesn't have quite the size. Marshall is the fastest guy on the team though so he will be fun to watch.

Special Report: ESPN's Andy Katz Reports Jared Sullinger Has Bulging Dicks

Yes that would be a concern for any NBA team. You can't just take a guy like Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger if he suffers from a bad case of bulging dicks.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SportsCrack 2012 Preseason All-American Team: Defense

Defense wins championships right? It's hard to argue with it last year when two of the best defenses in the nation in Alabama and LSU squared off for the BCS Championship. Of course we will conveniently ignore the year before when Auburn and Oregon both had average defenses yet competed for the crystal ball. Just the thought of all these guys playing on the same defense made Matt Barkley shit his pants.

DEFENSIVE END-Sam Montgomery (LSU)
LSU produces stellar defensive lineman like Nickelback produces complete shit. One after another. Montgomery is a returning 1st team All-American who was a finalist for the Defensive End of the Year Award. His 9 sacks last year were a team high. Expect double digits in 2012.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE-John Jenkins (Georgia)
At 6'3 351 pounds Jenkins is basically two men carved into one hell of a beast. Jenkins will plug the middle for a potentially great UGA defense this season. Don't be surprised if he has a Nick Fairley impact his senior season.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE-Star Lotulelei (Utah)
A potential #1 overall draft pick Star is the most complete Utah football player since...well...ever. The 6'4 320 defensive end is constantly double and even tripled team but still made a hell of an impact last year in the PAC-12 earning 1st team honors. Brings back memories of Ndamukong.

DEFENSIVE END-William Gholston (Michigan State)
It kills me to say this about a Sparty player but Gholston is probably the most underrated defensive player in the country. Gholston is still growing and at 6'7 275 pounds it's hard for any tackle to stop him in his tracks. Gholston has tremendous upside and I think he will put it all together this season after a spectacular bowl game vs Georgia (5 tackles for loss).

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER-Jarvis Jones (Georgia)
You know USC is crying in their dirty Trojans letting this stud linebacker transfer to the east coast. Jones was a finalist for the Butkus Award last year while earning 1st team All-American honors after recording a staggering 19.5 tackles for loss and 13.5 sacks. He should once again dominate between the hedges in 2012.

INSIDE LINEBACKER-Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)
Manti came to South Bend as the most highly regarded defensive player in the past 20 years and has yet to disappoint. Manti once again led the Irish in tackles while earning 1st team All-American honors. He shocked many including myself when he decided to come back for his senior season. Manti is already a legend at Notre Dame but 2012 will give him the chance to be considered the greatest linebacker in their storied history.

INSIDE LINEBACKER-Shayne Skov (Stanford)
When I think of inside linebackers I tend to think of guys who are always there making a play on defense. The Ray Lewis-type players. Skov is that type of guy. The fast and tenacious Skov is coming back from a serious knee injury he suffered early last season. He should once again be the leader in a very underrated Stanford D.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER-Gerald Hodges (Penn State)
"Linebacker U" just continues to produce standouts and it doesn't change with Hodges. Unlike the past great Nittany Lions Hodges doesn't have to worry about dropping the soap in the showers anymore. Also he doesn't have to worry about JoePa eating his brains. Or does he? In all seriousness Hodges is a great player and should be fun to watch his senior season in Happy Valley.

CORNERBACK-David Amerson (NC State)
The returning 1st team All-American led the nation in INTS with 13 last season. He was the winner of the Jack Tatum Award for nation's best defensive back and probably should have won the Thorpe Award over Mo Claiborne. At 6'3 194 he's a little bigger than most corners but he doesn't lack in speed or recovery time.

One of the hardest hitting safeties in the nation who also is the team leader down in Baton Rouge. Reid earned All-American honors during a stellar sophomore season last year and should once again be a player offenses gameplan around. This kid has the brains and the brawn to be one of the best safeties in the college game since Ed Reed.

STRONG SAFETY-Ray Ray Armstrong (Miami)
For one reason or another Armstrong has been able to put it all together and stay on the field down in Coral Gables. That changes this year. Physically gifted with closing speed and instincts Ray Ray should have a great senior season.

CORNERBACK-Xavier Rhodes (FSU)
Rhodes will be the first to tell you he didn't have the best 2011 season due to some leg injuries. It's one of the main reasons why he chose to come back and not enter the NFL draft. The nagging pain should be gone and I fully expect Rhodes to be back to his stellar self.


PUNTER-Brady Wing (LSU)
KICKER-Caleb Sturgis (Florida)
KICK RETURNER-De'Anthony Thomas (Oregon)
The Black Mamba don't fuck around. He takes it to the house.

PUNT RETURNER-Tyrann Mathieu (LSU)
The Honey Badger don't give a shit. He takes what he wants.

Mike Trout Makes An Amazing Catch in Baltimore

Even though 20-year old Angels outfielder Mike Trout wasn't recalled from the minors until April 28th he still leads the American League with a .344 batting average and 21 stolen bases. Everybody is talking about Bryce Harper and for good reason but why is the national media "clown"ing Trout and not giving him the props he deserves?

Last year Trout was the #1 rated prospect in baseball. He also was a first round draft pick but unlike Harper he went late in the first. There are at least 20 teams kicking themselves in the ass for passing up the high flying Trout.

Trout is another old school player much like Harper. He hustles. All the time. He's also fearless when it comes to defense. And by judging from last night's amazing rob of a JJ Hardy home run Trout's stock will continue to swim upstream with the leather.

So if you had just one player to start a MLB franchise with who are you taking: Trout or Harper?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Typical New York Yankees Cheating At Baseball

Let me guess. Rudy Giuliani gave DeWayne Wise the key to the city for another classic cheating moment. The Yankees always reward behavior like this. Right after this play one of the Steinbrenners kids gave umpire John Hannahan a lifetime suite for botching such an easy call. Hey dipshit why don't you actually look in Wise glove to see if... get this...the actual ball is in there? I know it's totally ridiculous to question a guy in the pinstripes in New York but you might want to do your job correctly.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SportsCrack 2012 Preseason All-American Team: Offense

Every single offseason we do a preseason college football All-American team and every year it continues to gets bigger. In fact I think more football players would rather make the SportsCrack list than the Playboy list. The SportsCrack list doesn't guarantee you a visit to the Playboy mansion but it does insure you will be a star for years to come. Plus you can't get VD from our selection. As least not from me.

QB-Matt Barkley (USC)
Barkley surprised everybody including myself when he decided to come back for his senior season. A projected top 10 pick, Barkley will be looking to do what Andrew Luck couldn't do last season: win a Heisman and/or National Championship.

RB-Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina)
Lattimore was the best running back in the SEC the past two seasons in my opinion before suffering a serious knee injury. If Lattimore played for Bama he would already have a statue next to Saban. Instead he plays in Columbia where he should be happy to make a bowl game.

RB-Montee Ball (Wisconsin)
"Money Ball" as they call him in Madison returns for his senior season after rushing for nearly 2000 yards and an astonishing 39 touchdowns combined. You know Wisconsin is going to run their horse again this season.

WR-Sammy Watkins (Clemson)
Watkins was clearly the best freshman in the nation last year. He is the most explosive player in the ACC since CJ Spiller was toting the rock for the orange and purple a few years back. Watkins will put up better numbers this year. His drive and determination will make him the best wideout in the nation.

WR-Robert Woods (USC)
Nearly 1300 yards and 15 touchdowns for the returning Biletnikoff Finalist. He will have the best QB in the nation throwing him balls with a #2 receiver in Marqise Lee who would be a #1 at 99% of the other schools not named the Trojans. Woods will be electric again this season.

TE-Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame)
Eifert should have won the Mackey Award last season for best tight end in the country. He will get his chance during his senior season to lay his big mitts on it playing in an offense that will feature him again splitting out to wideout. At 6'6 expect this gazelle to put up video game numbers especially with Everett Golson throwing to him.

CENTER-Barrett Jones (Alabama)
Jones was an All-American tackle last year for the National Champs and also played guard for the 2009 Champs. This year he will play center and again will dominate the SEC. Besides QB Jones is the most valuable player on the Tide roster.

OFFENSIVE GUARD-Omoregie Uzzi (Georgia Tech)
Uzzi helps open up holes on the inside for Paul Johnson's triple option down in the Flats. And by opening up holes I mean he trucks over lineman and lays on top of them. Yeah Uzzi loves pancakes.

OFFENSIVE GUARD-Jonathan Cooper (North Carolina)
The 6'3 325 pound senior has good feet and even quicker hands. You gotta have those quick hands when you are taking classes that don't really exist right?

Alabama's offensive line is pretty disgusting with the best center in Jones and now the best left tackle in Fluker. They also got one of the best guards in Chance Warmack. There is a good reason why Bama wins so many games in the trenches. Fluker is one of them.

While Fluker is the best offensive tackle in college football right now I think Faulk could turn himself into the best one by midseason. The 6'6 325 pound tackle isn't even as heralded as his teammate in opposite end tackle Alex Hurst but Faulk will be a man among boys this season. By the end of the season he will have worked his way up to a top 5 pick.

Kate Upton Running on the Beach, Skateboarding, Hula Hooping, Shooting Hoops, Riding Rollercoasters, and Wet T-shirt Contest Video

I'm just going to do a slow, slow golf clap for this new GQ video featuring Kate Upton. When you are at the top of your game like Upton is you just have to sit back and admire it. Upton knows she is the Jordan of models. The Montana of winning t-shirt contests. She is the Tiger Woods of confidence that she can use her "talents" to get her whatever she wants. Bravo Kate Upton. Bravo.

I think Kate Upton could run for office. She clearly knows how to give people what they want. What is that you ask?

Via BigLeadSports

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally College Football Will Have A Playoff

The best news to hit the college football landscape in some time is somehow being ignored by the mass media but I wanted to give my thoughts on it. Yesterday the BCS Commissioners and Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick (shows you how much money ND brings to the table) formally endorsed a four-team playoff seeded model designed to begin in the 2014 season. The four-team playoff would replace the much debated BCS System which has been in place since 1998.

Thank you college football corporate Gods!

Am I completely satisfied with the new proposal? No.

I would prefer to see at least 8 teams involved in the playoff. With over 120 teams I think 8 is fair. 4 seems to leave too much up to debate at the end of the year in my opinion. But it's a step in the right direction.

There will still be controversy because you will have teams who don't win their conference in the playoff (the playoff only considers the top 4 teams in the nation at the end of the season according to ranking system) but it also keeps the regular season to the utmost importance besides filling the pockets of all the old rich guys in charge of the bowls, conferences, and schools. The four teams would be selected by a committee which is suppose to consider criteria such as conference championship and strength of schedule but it's not exclusive to it.

Come to think of it the more I look at it the more pissed off I get but I shouldn't. I should just be happy that college football will finally have a playoff of some sort. But still the whole thing seems shady with the existing BCS bowls rotating games of importance and the all important National Championship game would go to the city with the highest bidder.

Basically whomever has the most money will dictate the playoff in some way. College football has always had a political feel to it so obviously that won't change. But instead of focusing on the student-athletes and the fans who all want a real playoff system in place that is not dictated by lining the pockets of the notoriously corrupt bowl system we are being given a plus one system.

But then again it's better than the shitty BCS right? Fuck. Me.

Bryce Harper Wears Our "That's A Clown Question, Bro!" T-shirt During Batting Practice

Thanks to Washington Nationals announcer F.P. Santangelo a first in history happened yesterday: an athlete wore one of our shirts during batting practice.

Bryce Harper coined the phrase "That's A Clown Question, Bro" just 7 days ago in Toronto when asked by a reporter what his beer of choice would be and yesterday he was spotted wearing our shirt during warmups.

Wednesday, Harper took the next step, wearing a T-shirt with "That's a clown question, bro" emblazoned across the front before the game against the Tampa Bay Rays, according to the Washington Post.

Thanks go out to the Washington Post's James Wagner and Dan Steinberg for giving us the heads up on Harper wearing our shirt during BP. We also want to thank Santangelo for personally delivering it to Bryce in the clubhouse who said he "loved the shirt" and now all of his teammates want one. Also HUGE thanks go out to our buddy and Natitude fanatic Adam McGinnis whom endured my pestering for a good Bryce shirt idea for weeks and delivered amazingly with the instant classic "That's A Clown Question, Bro" before it all went viral last week. Also thank you to Tommy Griffith's of Big 100.3 in DC who had us on air last week to talk about the shirt. Tommy is a good guy and you should definitely give him a listen if you like classic rock. And of course thank you to all the loyal customers and SportsCrack fanatics out there. You guys kick ass. Seriously.

Tomorrow I will be on ESPN 980 AM in DC with host Scott Jackson around 3:45 pm talking about the "That's A Clown Question Bro!" shirt. Give it a listen if you got the time in between not working like usual.

I'm still working on getting a solid picture of Bryce wearing the shirt. As soon as I receive it I will post it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bryce Harper's Walk Up Song is Justin Bieber's Boyfriend

That's a clown song, bro! Either Bryce Harper has a wicked sense of humor or he lost a bet and had to suffer through a Bieber ballad blasting in Nationals Park. I'm going to go with a lost bet. I think the veterans should mess with Harper and play The Doors "Alabama Song" with a clown dancing on the jumbotron. Video via DCSportsBlog

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Used "That's A Clown Question, Bro!"

Via DCSportsBlog comes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid using the infamous Bryce Harper quote "That's A Clown Question, Bro" less than seven days after it went viral. He's got our vote!

Kate Upton GQ Magazine Wet T-Shirt Video

I'm still waiting for the VH1 Special...Kate Upton...Behind the boobs. Anyways I've been massively busy lately with work that I haven't had time to come on here and bitch and moan about sports and for that I apologize. When I get the chance at some free time I promise I'll update it. In the meantime all you lazy fuckers go find a job so I don't have to keep paying your welfare and unemployment checks.

Love you.

Oh yeah does that skinny fucker Terry Richardson have the best job or what? He's uglier than myself which is hard to imagine yet he nails all these models and famous actresses all the time. It's so disgusting that it's actually kind of awesome.

What do you think about these GQ photos of Kate Upton Billy Bob?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

It's the Dad's Life!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

That's A Clown Question Bro Remix

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Dream Team Documentary Was Worth Watching

11 Hall of Famers on one team. And then Christian Laettner. You tend to forget how great of a team "The Dream Team" was because they made it look so easy and simple when they won the 1992 Gold Medal. It's almost hard to believe it's been 20 years. Charles Barkley was skinny and still running his mouth with memorable quotes. Magic had just broken the news he had HIV. Jordan was unstoppable. Chris Mullin had his patented flat top. John Stockton had his short shorts. If you get the chance watch the whole documentary.

I love the fact that everybody hated Isiah Thomas. Nobody wanted him on the team. I could never stand Thomas when he played. He seemed like the biggest pussy out there. A bad sport through and through. Jordan and Scottie Pippen put their foot down and Thomas wasn't allowed on the team. It's the way it should have been and it made The Dream Team even more likable because Thomas was a nightmare when it comes to representing the U..S...of A.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Bryce Harper said it last night. Now it's a t-shirt. Buy your shirt today! THAT'S A CLOWN QUESTION BRO! SHIRT

Mike Tyson Performs "Lebron James"

Iron Mike Tyson has the voice of an angel.

Via HotClicks

Bryce Harper Says "That's A Clown Question Bro!" To Canadian Reporter

Rookie of the year lock Bryce Harper was asked point blank in Toronto last night by a clueless reporter what his favorite beer was and Harper fired back a classic line: "THAT'S A CLOWN QUESTION BRO!"

Now that is some serious "Natitude" from the 19-year old Mormon who isn't allowed to drink. And you know what...I like it. Seriously baseball needs more guys like this. Harper hustles all the time and doesn't take shit from anybody. He's a pain in the ass for the opposition and he's the kind of player every manager or GM would want on their team. People wonder what kind of crazy numbers Josh Hamilton would have put up if he didn't chase the dragon coming out of high school and all you have to do is look at what Harper is doing right now. He's killing major league pitching at an age where he should be struggling with Double A pitching.

Harper's .944 OPS dwarfs Ken Griffey Jr's .748 when he was 19 and taking over the majors. Same with Hall of Famers Mickey Mantles (.792) and Al Kaline (.652) who both enjoyed similar success in the majors at 19. The only player I could find who put up the incredible stat lines of what Harper is projected at right now is Mel Ott (.921). Back in 1928 Ott was in his 3rd season in the bigs at the time and still the future all-time great didn't put up as good of numbers as Bryce is now.

So now a serious question: Is Bryce Harper MVP worthy? His .944 OPS has him behind current favorites Joey Votto (1.121), David Wright (1.03), Carlos Gonzalez (1.001), and Carlos Beltran (.964) but would Harper's impact on getting the Nationals to the playoffs trump all of those guys? Hard to say. Voters tend to reward veterans who get their respective team to the playoffs so you would have to think Votto and Beltran both have to be the favorites over Harper at this stage. But make no mistake if Harper continues to hustle and bash his Nationals into the playoffs for the first time a lot of voters would have to look at the 19-year-old as a serious candidate.

It would be a total clown move not to consider it.

You Knew It Was True Love When Kanye West Twitted This Kim Kardashian Picture

The former Mrs. Kris Humphries looks like she has a healthy appetite for bananas. They do provide a lot of potassium which is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. It's good to see that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can be such great ambassadors for healthy living.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Justin Tuck's New Facemask

Justin Tuck's newest facemask looks like something Tom Hardy's character Bane will wear in the new Batman movie. I'm presuming there is some logical reason behind the extra bars other than trying to look menacing. Is to keep offensive tackles hands and/or fingers from grabbing his helmet by the mask? Or is Tuck trying to lure Bruce Wayne out of his batcave?

LA Kings Captain Dustin Brown Said A Naughty Word After Winning the Stanley Cup

In the immortal words of LA Kings captain Dustin Brown: "IT'S WHY WE FUCKING PLAY!" Yep. To drink out of Lord Stanley's Cup you can pretty much say whatever you want. Congratulations go out to the Kings who won their first Stanley Cup in their 44 year history. It must feel good to be champs. Hell it must feel good to still have a team.

Via AwfulAnnouncing

Erin Andrews Looks Like She Got Some Work Done

Bravo Erin Andrews. You go from Atlanta Thrashers intermission reporter to ESPN sideline princess to leaked nude hotel pictures to Dancing with the Stars and now you've upgraded the girls. Hey I'm not complaining. If someone ones to make themselves look better than so be it. But I don't want hear a denial when some reporter asks if she has gotten work done. Just be honest. It's all for the publicity right? I got your back Erin.

The Bell Dozer Shirt

The newest t-shirt is called "The BellDozer." With college football season just around the corner this is a must have. Order your shirt today!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rafael Nadal Wins Record 7th French Open, Disturbingly Hugs Pau Gasol

I don't think I've ever seen a more disturbing picture than this one of Lakers center and fellow countryman Paul Gasol "embracing" Rafa Nadal after winning his 7th French Open Title this morning. With the zombies in Miami and Maryland and the guy chopping up dudes and sending them in the mail up in Canada I think it's only a matter of time before a report comes out on Gasol here. Look at that fucking look on his face. Hannibal Lecter is ripe with jealousy.

"Come here my did I must eat your brains!"

Yeah this picture is going to haunt kid's dreams for years to come. Tennis already was a dying sport. I can't imagine the effect this will have on it.

Image via Andy Gray

Friday, June 08, 2012

Celtics Fan Throws Beer At Lebron James

Lebron James exploded for 45 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists in Game 6 last night and pretty much put the Heat on his back in an elimination game. Lebron hit 19 of 26 from the field and finally played fearless when in the past he has been passive in big game situations. As expected the Boston Celtics crowd took it with class and in their usual chowder head mentality decided to give Lebron a beer as he left the court. Unfortunately the person didn't hand him the beer and instead decided to toss it to him. Cool move bro.

I was rooting for the Celtics till that dick move. Now I hope the Heat destroy them in South Beach.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Tri-City Herald Paper Salutes The Sonics

Congratulations go out to the Seattle Sonics Oklahoma City Thunder on their impressive comeback last night vs the Spurs and finishing off Coach Pop's timeless warriors for the Western Conference Championship. The Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, WA) put out this knife to the gut sports section today. Bravo I say. Why not put a little humor in a bad situation? It's why I always laugh and point at the dead people at funerals.

Maria Menounos Is A Little Pumped Up For Game 6 Tonight

Jesus Maria. Calm the fuck down. It's just a basketball game. It's not like it's some important competition followed worldwide like Dancing With The Stars. Nobody outside of Boston gives a shit about the Celtics. Now get back to doing what you do best. Which is...shit...I don't know...just put on a bikini and smile will ya?

Via BarstoolSports

Kate Upton Bikini Stare Contest

Don't worry about the contest. We all won.

HT Dave

Notre Dame Picks Up Elite Defensive Players Isaac Rochell and Jaylon Smith

Less than 5 days after Notre Dame and coach Brian Kelly secured their biggest commitment with the #1 outside linebacker in the nation (#4 overall) in Jaylon Smith today 4 star defensive end Isaac Rochell from Georgia made his commitment to the Irish public also.

Both players are elite defensive standouts who were being recruited nationally with among some of the best SEC schools craving their commitments. Kelly and his staff are slowly building a defense that can compete with some of the SEC schools by getting players like Rochell out of the South.

Here are some highlights of Smith. Smith is the biggest recruit of the Kelly era (transfer Aaron Lynch and current QB Gunner Kiel a close second) and should compete right away as a freshman in 2013 for the dog or the mike linebacker positions in South Bend especially with the departure of senior captain Manti Te'o. Smith's athleticism is off the charts with sub 4.5 speed and a build that is ready to compete in the college game.

Rochell is the second elite defensive end from Georgia to come to Notre Dame in the past 3 seasons joining current freshman starter Stephon Tuitt. Tuitt was a 5 star defensive end and Rochell isn't quite up to his billing but he did turn down LSU, FSU and Florida among others when he picked Notre Dame today. A top 100 player in the nation and the #8 defensive end Rochell should compete for the 2 deep in 2013.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Julio Jones Cuts The Dreads

I'm not going to miss the Whoopi Goldberg/Predator-look Julio Jones had rocking since his college days at Bama. Julio looks more professional now. Kind of like Justin Blackmon behind a steering wheel at 3 am professional ya know?

Padres Logan Forsythe With The Play of the Day

San Diego Padres second baseman Logan Forsythe brought back memories of Robby Alomar with this sweet play to the hole. Smooth play kid.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Lip Synching "Call Me Maybe"

Yeah I hate this song as much as the next guy but if you check out the cheerleaders and put the song on mute it's tolerable.

Via HotClicks

Good Job Good Effort!!!

Is that Dan Lebatard squealing "Good Job Good Effort!" to the downtrodden Miami Heat as they walk off a horrible Game 5 loss on their home court? I only saw the 4th quarter last night but if there was any doubt who the Heat are going to go to when the game is on the line it's most certainly not Lebron James. It's almost as if Lebron is scared to have the game in his hands when he should be taking the ball to the hoop every possession instead of deferring to Dwayne Wade. But I guess if he is a King he relies on others to take the fall for his faults.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Funny Miami Zombie Attack Prank

I love this kind of stuff. Just seeing people scared shitless. I'm not going to lie and say I would stand up to a fake zombie. My ass would be running faster than Usain Bolt. If you look closely at the 2:00 mark you can see some guy pull a gun. Bullets only make Miami zombies snarl.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Forget The Koreans, Meghan Hardin Is The Future Of Women's Golf

With a set of clubs like Meghan Hardin how can you not root for her? You can check out the LPGA's next "big" golfer at her website

Via TheChive

Hey, Pass Me A Beer!

Throw in a doubleheader of Saturday baseball and right there is what my weekend consists of. Pure, unadulterated beer. All weekend long. See kids alcoholism can be fun as long as you don't go to jail.