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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Good old Backup College must have been jealous of the embarrassing shit videos that Ohio State, Georgia, and Notre Dame produced in the past year. The Buckeyes, Dawgs, and Irish ones were bad no doubt but at least they had some rhythm with their own lyrics and dance moves. Just like their SAT scores it doesn't even look like the students tried. Come on BC show a little fucking pride. Just because your most famous grad played Frodo's stunt double in Lord of the Rings doesn't mean you can't at least try.

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-I know they were only playing San Jose State but Alabama looked like the returning National Champs despite missing two key starters (Mark Ingram and Marcel Dareus). They didn't skip a beat and dominated from start to finish. I'm already starting to regret my Florida pick.

-DeMarco Murray ran for 215 yards and 2 TD's in a close win against Utah State. It should be interesting to see how he does against Florida State this week. If he goes off as I expect he's will vault into a top 5 Heisman candidate.

-Michigan's Denard Robinson was simply amazing against UCONN in the Big House. Robinson rushed for 197 yards on 29 carries and also crushed it in the air by completing 19 of 22 attempts for 186 yards. Notre Dame is going to have a hell of a time trying to contain him this week.

-I know they were only playing the lowly Ragin Cajuns but the Georgia defense looked remarkably better. They completely manhandled them with the new 3-4 implemented by new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. It was also cool to see Grantham go ballistic on safety Bacorri Rambo for fucking up an assignment and allowing a long touchdown pass that prevented a shutout. You didn't see that with Willie Martinez.

-Speaking of defense I also thought Notre Dame looked way better fundamentally. They actually tackled and wrapped up. Cornerbacks Gary Gray and Darrin Walls were straight balling by coming up to the line of scrimmage and making one on one stops. Defensive tackle Ian Williams had his best collegiate game of his career by disrupting Robert Marve's debut in Turdue colors. He had a huge interception, deflected a pass, and also had a sack. If he can keep it up the Notre Dame defense could surprise. They are going to have to play their A game this week to contain Denard Robinson.

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-Texas looks like they are going to have problems running the ball all season with a suspect offensive line. They won 34-17 over Rice but could not control the line of scrimmage. Plus the runningbacks are nothing to shout about.

-Bob Davie. Sorry I still can't stand the fucking guy. Listening to him in the booth of the USC-Hawaii game was bringing back painful memories. You would think someone who grew up around football would know more about the game and the rules. His time management skills still blow too.

-John Brantley made me look like a dipshit on Saturday. I came out last week and proclaimed the Gators offense wouldn't miss Tim Tebow because Brantley would put more points on the board for the Gators. Holy shit I was dead wrong. They had like 19 total yards in the first half against Miami of Ohio. Pathetic.

-Ole Miss. Anytime you lose to a non FBS team it's ugly. Very ugly.

-USC secondary. It's fucking terrible. It's like watching a bunch of blind folded midgets trying to hit a pinata.

-Josh Nesbitt's arm. 1 of 6 for 8 yards and 1 INT. You might as well just give him the Heisman.


FEDEX Field in Landover, MD was packed with about 90,000 Virginia Tech students and fans going bat shit crazy during the introductions last night. I literally was getting the chills watching it. And I don't even like the Hokies. In fact I had money on Boise State winning and covering the spread(-2.5) but when I saw the introduction I started having second thoughts. The stadium was at least 85% VaTech colors. It may have said neutral site game but this was for all intended purposes a road game for Boise State. Still people want to underrate the Broncos and overrate the Hokies. The Broncos lived up to their top 3 preseason ranking by jumping out to an early 17-0 lead. Then they started committing stupid penalties and some awful turnovers. They didn't play their A game. And they still beat a top 10 Hokies team. QB Kellen Moore had a Heisman moment when he threw a perfect touchdown pass with little over a minute left to put the Broncos in the lead 33-30. The Broncos proved yet again that they can play with anybody. Even on the road in early September.

There are still going to be doubters. People are already hating on Boise State for not playing anybody with their shit conference schedule. It's not their fault their conference sucks. They scheduled Oregon last year and beat them out of conference. They put VaTech and Oregon State on the schedule this year and will beat them both. They will go undefeated yet the elitist BCS Conference fan is going to bitch and moan if they make the Championship game. People need to deal with it. Boise State has been legit for years.