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Friday, January 03, 2014

According to Bruce Feldman Paul Johnson Wants Out of GA Tech

I actually think it's the other way around at this point.  Georgia Tech is not happy with Paul Johnson.  After Johnson blew a two-touchdown lead to rival Georgia at home and then shit the bed in the bowl game vs Ole Miss I think we could all see that the Johnson triple-option era is about to come to a crashing halt.

Starting QB Vad Lee has already stated he is transferring.

Johnson doesn't recruit and doesn't sell the program.

If he was winning 9 plus games a season he could get away with his surly attitude but he does not.  Georgia Tech is still the same 7-5 team they were when Chan Gailey was roaming The Flats sideline.

It's not good enough and Johnson needs to go.  The problem is Tech doesn't want to buy out the contract.  Johnson is under contract until 2016 after signing an extension in 2009.

If you were GT AD Mike Bobinski what would you do?

LSUfreek Chimes in with this Sugar Bowl GIF

Bob Stoops knocking it out of the park.  Even Nick Saban saw it coming and couldn't do shit about it.

Bama Got Their Ass Kicked By Oklahoma...Fan Brawls in Stand

Go home Bama.  You're drunk.

2 game losing streak and this is how their loyal fan base reacts.  Round house kicks from drunk moms in the stands.  On the bright side I think Nick Saban finally found his kicker.


#1 Recruit Leonard Fournette Commits to "University of LSU"

#1 prospect Leonard Fournette is one of those rare athletes who plays football and only football.  Education be damn.  I don't know how well he will fit in at the "University of LSU" with all their scholars.  I feel bad for the kid with all the tutors writing his papers and filling out his tests while building up his draft stock in 3 seasons in Baton Rouge.  Rough life.  Hopefully he gets paid while he is there.  Luckily he choose a conference in the SEC which values education over cheating.