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Monday, December 19, 2011

Two FSU Seminoles aka Criminoles Arrested

I always save the emails I get from fans of programs who get mad at me for calling Miami the Convicts and FSU the Criminoles because they always insist their programs aren't like that anymore. The Nevin Shapiro case proved that Miami still had a Convict within the program and this week the Seminoles proved they still have enough Criminoles on their team to warrant the label. From the BigLead...

Arrington Jenkins: Freshman linebacker who is redshirt was arrested over the weekend for his alleged part in a “vehicular theft.”

Avis Commack: Junior defensive back who played in every game this year was arrested for an alleged theft of an Ipad from the FSU computer lab. A female student said her backpack with Ipad was lifted from the computer lab; Commack said he “found” the ipad. It’s unclear whether or not he’ll play in the bowl game.

Yep. Nothing to see here. FSU clearly runs a clean program with no shady characters on their team. I should just take down these Criminoles shirts immediately.

Tim Tebow and Jesus Make A Saturday Night Live Appearance

Actor Jason Sudeikis pretty much "nailed" (pun intended) the Jesus performance. I'm a little disappointed in the Tebow performance. It could have used more flair. All in all not a bad skit. Not great by any means. I kind of laughed.