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Monday, November 19, 2007


I just found this wonderful groin tingling website of the Reef Girls Competition. I don't know what Reef Girls are but I do know they will now haunt me in my dreams and I am thinking about getting a one way ticket to Chile to watch the next contest. I think I'm going to have to cancel the Vegas bachelor party, it can't measure up to something like this. Beach, babes, hot weather, thongs, booze. You know what, fuck, I'm at a lost for words right now. Here are some other pictures...

I told her to stop staring at me but she won't listen.

Our buddy MacG found this glorious video about the strange, insane, often bizarre yet some what wonderful psychotic football world in the minds of Nebraska football fans. See, MacG is an insufferable Cornhusker's fan who longs for the days of Tom Osborne roaming the sidelines while they ran the I-formation down opponent's throats and stuffed the run with the Blackshirts defense. Now a days the only thing you can call the Nebraska defense is the Black Skirts.

Most of us don't know what being a Nebraska fan is like, well now you can get a little glimpse.

Fear the Katy.

But always come back for the motor boats from the lovely Nikki...

I love you Nikki!

Hey Mr. Knox, please don't jump on that semen stained rough surface couch in Manhattan, you might..oh shit, never mind, go get em Cowboy...

And remember, don't be a dick, recycle your glass dildos and wrap up your feces in tin foil...


This morning to no one's surprise Lloyd Carr resigned/retired/was going to get fired as Michigan's Head Football Coach after 13 seasons which included 5 Big Ten Championships and 1 National Championship. Not being a Carr fan for obvious reasons, I respect Carr for the way he went out and decided to do it now in order to help Michigan find the right coach and recruit. As we all know LSU Head Coach Les Miles is the leading candidate to replace him and thus if he decides to take the job as I expect he would it would create a domino effect in the college coaching fraternity.

When Les Miles leaves LSU to go back to his alma mater it will then open up one of the best coaching jobs in the nation at LSU. The Tigers of Baton Rouge are stacked with NFL ready talent at all positions and again will be a contender for the National Title next season with Ryan Perrilioux stepping in at QB(granted he isn't suspended or arrested during the offseason). Who will replace Miles remains a mystery. The leading candidate would be current defensive coordinator Bo Pelini but he could take the job at Nebraska once Bill Callahan is fired. Right now I think the best coach for Nebraska is current Buffalo coach Turner Gill who is a former player at Nebraska. He has managed to turn around a terrible football program in Buffalo in just his second season.

Other coaching positions likely to open up include Texas A&M(Dennis Franchione is a fraud), Georgia Tech(Chan Gailey is good for a max of 7 wins but not much more), UCLA(Sorry, Karl Dorrell is not the long term answer for the Bruins), Washington(because they are racist and don't want a shitty coach) and possibly Auburn if Tommy Tuberville gets wooed by the Aggies once they buy out Franchione.

Personally I can't wait to see how Miles handles all the Michigan questions. In a season full of upsets and surprises it will be very interesting to see how the LSU team responds the next two weeks despite all the distractions with a probable coaching switch. The LSU fans are going to be irrate when Miles says he wants to stay in LSU and focus on the season lying ahead to only fuck them in the end by bolting for Michigan shortly after their bowl game. It's inevitable.

It will also create a major clusterfuck in terms of recruiting. With as many as 5 major college football programs undergoing changes in coaching personnel, a lot of recruits are going to back out of commitments and look else where. Guys like Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer, Charlie Weis, and Jim Tressel know how to get players to switch allegiances so we could see a lot of bickering and bitching among college football fans about teams poaching recruits.

This is just another reason why college football is such a great spectator sport. All the shit that happens off the field makes it interesting year round.

Let the blood bath begin.

We call it the "Special K" shirt because of the amazing things #24 has done on the field this year in Athens. On the front of the shirt we have the "Special K" emblem which we hope you like. We were inspired by some rugby designs because it seems when KnowMo is out there he is always spinning, juking, making people miss and giving everything he has 100% of the time. On the back of the shirt is his number 24 with the Sportscrack logo above it.

We are taking pre-orders now. Be sure to spread the word to all the fans of Special K and Georgia...