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Friday, June 23, 2017

Domers Vs Dawgs Shirts Now For Sale!

September 9th can get here soon enough.  Georgia will be traveling to historic Notre Dame stadium for the first time in program history to face the Fighting Irish.  In fact it's only the 2nd time these two programs have ever faced each other.  The first was way back in 1980 in the Sugar Bowl when Georgia led by legendary tailback Herschel Walker held on for the win and the National Title.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Conor McGregor Trains in front of him knocking out Floyd Mayweather Mural

 Conor McGregor posted this Floyd Mayweather knockout picture on his Instagram with the caption "I'm a filthy Irish animal."  You gotta love the confidence of McGregor going into his first boxing fight with a guy in Mayweather who has never been knocked down much less lost a fight.  The 28-year-old Fighting Irishman is a massive Vegas underdog and for good reason: it's a boxing match, not a MMA event.  Can McGregor get close enough to Pretty Boy to even land his left hand hook?  I'm not sure.  Mayweather is the king of not taking a punishing blow.  He bobs and weaves like a rabbit being chased by a cheetah.  But if anyone can deliver a devastating KO punch it's McGregor.

Notorious vs Pretty Boy Fight T-Shirt

Monday, June 19, 2017

New T-Shirt Featuring the "Baby Bombers of New York: Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge"

The Bronx Bombers have now become known as the "Baby Bombers" thanks to the young sluggers Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge in the middle of a potent Yankees lineup.  Now this dynamic young duo has their own SportsCrack LLC designed t-shirt called Baby Bombers New York.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Kevin Na Gives Us an Inside Look at the Crazy Fescue Rough at Erin Hills

Listen I get it nobody wants to hear some fancy, rich fucking golfer complaining about the "shitty conditions" of a golf course's rough in Wisconsin.  I get it.  I really do.  But in all honesty this is ridiculous even for the professionals.  I don't want to watch the PGA pros looking for balls they can't find.  What fun is that?  Imagine if Sergio Garcia hits a ball in the tall Wisconsin fescue of Erin Hills.  We are literally talking about hours of searching, bitching, and boredom.  Now I see why Phil Mickelson had to attend his kid's high school graduation this week instead of playing the US Open, which he has never won.  Smart move Phil and yes we believe it's because you are a great family man you shady Madoff wannabe.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Video of a bar fight in Nashville involving Rex and Rob Ryan

They might not be in the NFL anymore but you know brothers Rob and Rex Ryan don't mess around even at their older, more supposedly wiser ages.  Rob and Rex were caught in a bar fight in Nashville while in town for the Stanley Cup (Go Predators!) at none other than Margaritaville.  Apparently some drunk ass threw a drink at one of the brothers and in true Roadhouse style Rob and his beautiful flowing locks of hair went straight for the jugular.  If you get in a fight and a dude goes straight for your throat especially a guy the size of Rob you probably should have a beer bottle in hand to crush over their skull.  You gotta love the Bryce Harper Nationals jersey too.  That jersey is just hanging on for dear life by every button ready to pop.  Nothing says I came here to drink some beer and beat some ass than a Bryce road jersey in Nashville.