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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ray Lewis Gives An Emotional Speech About The Baltimore Riots

Ray Lewis is the greatest middle linebacker of all-time and his football speeches are epic.   The former Baltimore Raven delivered a great one this morning to all the idiots out there in Baltimore who are deciding to riot and tear up their great city.  Stop being assholes!  If Ray Lewis can get away with murder (yes "allegedly" but we all know he did it wink wink) than what are you people rioting for?  I was just in Baltimore a month ago.  It was another awesome experience in the Charm City granted it was snowing.  I lived and worked in Baltimore.  I love the Orioles, the crabs, the people, the history and the Inner Harbor.  I even named my son Camden because of the ballpark.  But all of these asshole rioters aren't doing it for Freddie Gray and "justice."  They are breaking shit, stealing shit, and hurting people and local businesses because they are ASSHOLES.  Yes I'm sure some of the cops are probably assholes too but the rioters are just a bunch of herd mentality retards.  And if you are going to be an asshole or a retard at least be a funny one.  They are not.  Instead they have caused two postponements of Orioles games including tonight's affair with the Chicago White Sox which was suppose to be nationally televised on MLB TV.  Now I can't watch one of my favorite players in Jeff Samardzija hurl against my Orioles because a bunch of assholes are mad at the cops.  And the even shittier part is there were some peaceful protests in Baltimore but now it's all being overshadowed because of these assholes who want to break shit and cause anarchy.  Go home.  Drink some Colt 45.  Calm the fuck down so I can get on my life by watching the Orioles win another AL East crown.

Oh yeah and don't piss off Ray Lewis anymore.  You don't want to see Ray mad.