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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Atlanta Braves Father's Day Uniforms Were Awesome and Need To Be Their New Road Jerseys

The Braves completed a 3-game road sweep of the stinkin' Mets yesterday in perhaps the best uniforms they have ever worn.  

Donning some Father's Day baby blue specials the Braves played their best game of the season in what has been arguably their worst ever in their 50 year Atlanta history.  

Julio Teheran looked like a young John Smoltz.  The Mets couldn't touch him.  One hit over 9 innings.  Freddie Freeman continued his hot hitting with another HR while earning NL player of the week honors in a decisive 6-0 victory. 

I'm telling you these baby blue trim road uniforms looked fucking tight on TV.  Almost like a throwback to the late 70's/early 80's disco era uniforms they were rocking in Fulton County Stadium.  I can only imagine how sweet these Father's Day special uniforms looked in person.

The Braves have now won 5 in a row.  I'm convinced these baby blue trim jerseys need to be the new road jerseys.  The Braves could just take all my money because I would 100% be rocking one of those hats and uniforms at Suntrust next season.

It's a Miracle: Bama Gets Top Player Cam Robinson Back When All Felony Charges Dropped by DA

If you needed anymore proof that college football is king, especially in the South,  take a look at how Alabama and Nick Saban got their best player off prison time for felony possession of drugs and stolen handguns.

Straight from

The district attorney in Monroe, La., decided not to pursue prosecution of Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones, confirmed.
The district attorney did not find sufficient evidence to prosecute, according to the county clerk's office. 

Not enough sufficient evidence huh?  They were pulled over at 2am in a park by a cop who found marijuana on both of them, a gun in Hootie Jones lap, and another stolen handgun under Robinson's seat.  I guess that isn't sufficient enough evidence to prosecute anybody, especially a couple of star football players at Alabama, for possession of a stolen gun and narcotics when the only evidence the cops have is them being arrested by the police with a stolen gun and narcotics.  Nothing to see here folks!

All this proves is Nick Saban is playing chess while other programs like Ole Miss and Auburn are playing checkers with law enforcement and the NCAA.  At this point I can't even hate Saban and Bama.  They are just in a whole different league when it comes to the rules.  No district attorney or judge is out of their reach.  That is what we call a king's dynasty.

Make Baseball Fun Again: Cubs Wilson Contreras Gets Wrigley Field Curtain Call After Hitting Home Run On First Pitch in MLB Debut

I don't care if you hate the Cubs or even baseball for that matter.  What Wilson Contreras did last night was awesome and real.  The very first major league pitch he saw at the plate and he takes it deep.  And then he gets the standing ovation curtain call.  That is fucking reality television!  Not fake like Lebron James dismantled elbow and crying fiasco he displayed in the final minute of the NBA Finals last night.  This was 100% authentic and certified goosebump-worthy.