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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Braves Rookie Todd Cunningham Collected His First MLB Hit Last Night, Has A Rap Video Called "Rock Yo Jock"

With another injury to an Atlanta Braves outfielder rookie Todd Cunningham got called up last night and collected his first career hit in his first career at-bat. When Cunningham isn't rocking line drives to left field he is rocking the mic with his debut song "Rock Yo Jock." It's some sort of rap song about Christians and the birds and the bees and blah blah blah. The rookie needs to stick with baseball. Leave the christian rapping to the head fryers at Chick-Fil-A.

Video via TheBigLead

Miami Reliever Chad Qualls is as Graceful as a Swan

Tiger Woods has nothing on Marlins reliever Chad Qualls in fist pumps. Just pure grace and determination by Qualls. The newest attraction in that monstrosity of a stadium they got in Miami should be Niagara Qualls.

This Bengals Fan Has The Tailgate Like A Champion Look Perfected

A bearded 6-pack? Brilliant.