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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mo "Meaux" Isom vs Honey Badger

For some reason I've been ignoring this Mo Isom story down in LSU because I figured it was some butch trying out for the football team. Mo is clearly not a butch. In fact she is the homecoming queen who is not bad at all on the eyes and also a senior goal keeper who has a legit shot at doing a kickoff for Les Miles next year considering their place kickers were less than adequate last season. Hey it's a feel good story. Plus I'm not sure if you have heard about this Honey Badger fellow but he might become a household name soon.

We, meaning myself, would like to wish Mo nothing but the best of luck. She's a former Georgia prep soccer star and I married one so I feel like we know each other already in some strange down south way. Ok less talking and more pictures of Mo Isom...

Connor Powers Baseball Trick Shot Video Worth a Look

Just wondering out loud but do trick shot videos get guys laid? Because this shit San Diego Padres minor leaguer Connor Powers pulls most deservedly should. I mean I couldn't do a lot of this shit if I tried all day. The basketball trick shots don't seem nearly as hard as trying to hit a baseball right to a certain spot. So what do you think?

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Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay Prove That Crying Is Allowed In Football

Trust me when I say this that it is extremely hard for me to find any sympathy for Jim Irsay when his father brutally ripped up Baltimore's hearts in the middle of the night with his Mayflower trucks but what can I say I guess I'm a softie. All too many times especially in professional sports I become very cynical of these athletes and the owners because in the end I think money is the ultimate goal for both. But for some reason I don't feel that way in this instance. Peyton Manning is by all accounts a great person and a great representative for the Colts franchise so you know it had to be extremely difficult for Irsay to let him go. But he honestly had no choice and I hope the fans of Indy can see that and not crucify him or the new QB in Andrew Luck.

I would have liked to seen Peyton retire yesterday. Look he has had 4 neck procedures in the past year alone. He's a hit away from facing serious consequences that could leave him regretting ever trying to make a comeback with another franchise. Peyton has nothing to prove at this point. He thinks otherwise. You have your ring. You have your money. You have your legacy. You have the respect of millions. Why risk it to play for another franchise at your age? I guess I just don't get it and I won't feel any sympathy towards Peyton if he seriously gets hurt with the Dolphins or Redskins or whoever else he decides to play for next season.

Right now my feeling is Peyton is on a parallel path to some old championship boxer who just doesn't know when to hang it up. Don't be Evander Holyfield fighting in Germany. Don't be Johnny Unitas playing with the Chargers. Be the guy who knew to walk away at the right time. John Elway went out on top when he could have played more seasons. Peyton isn't bigger than the game itself but I have this feeling he thinks he is and with his track record it would be hard to argue with him. I just have this horrible feeling the last time we will see Peyton in a football uniform will be him carted off on a stretcher. It doesn't need to be that way. Your family needs you more than any football team.

Don't be "that guy" Peyton. Be "the man" and walk away while you still can.