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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Andrew "Maple Jordan" Wiggins Will Be The Biggest Story in College Basketball This Year

And yes we will be making a "Maple Jordan" shirt after seeing this disgusting between the legs dunk at the McDonald's All-American dunk contest.  Andrew Wiggins is from Toronto hence the "Maple Jordan" nickname which is oh so sweet.

Jadeveon Clowney Answers Media Questions About Him "Quitting"

As you probably know Jadeveon Clowney has not had the greatest junior season.  Hyped as a Heisman front runner by ESPN and multiple media outlets before the season in large part to his "hit" vs Michigan in the bowl game Clowney has not come close to producing (sacks or tackles for loss) his numbers he had his freshman and sophomore seasons.  Now there are questions about his conditioning and his heart.  Does he really want to play?  Or is he afraid to get hurt and kill his draft stock like what happened to his teammate Marcus Lattimore last season and risk losing millions of dollars?

My take: I get a Dwight Howard vibe from Clowney.  He says one thing but I don't believe him.  I don't think his coaches or teammates believe him either.  Even the Ole Ball Coach called him out a bit during his press conference after Clowney decided to sit out vs Kentucky.  Clowney knows he is going to get millions in April and doesn't want to risk it for South Carolina.  I can see where he is coming from.  It's a winning lottery ticket and you don't want to risk everything by putting it in the washing machine.  But I also wouldn't want him on my team.  If he doesn't want to play then fine.  Sit out.  But don't act like you do want to play and then pull some backdoor shit on your teammates, coaches, and fans.

What do you think about Clowney?  Is it much ado about nothing or is he really sitting out to insure his health and NFL Draft stock?

Top 10 College Football Teams and Heisman Contenders

We had another great college football Saturday.  Georgia's dream season almost ended in smoke (Tennessee smoke jerseys to be precise) as they got a couple of miracles at the end of regulation and overtime and hung on to beat a horrible Vols squad.  UGA was decimated with injuries as they lost starting tailback Keith Marshall for the season with an ACL injury and also starting receiver Justin Scott-Wesley to the same injury.  WR Michael Bennett had surgery on a torn meniscus and RB Todd Gurley is still out with a sprained ankle.  The Bulldogs will definitely be on UPSET alert this week as a somewhat hot and undefeated Mizzou team comes to Athens.

Here are my top 10 teams. These are how I would rank them in terms of overall performance and the strength of schedule they have faced.

1. Oregon
2. Alabama
3. Stanford
4. Clemson
5. Baylor
6. Georgia
7. Ohio State
8. Florida State
9. Texas A&M
10. LSU

I dropped Georgia one spot and moved Baylor up to 5.  Despite all the injuries there is no good specific reason why UGA should struggle mightily vs Tennessee.  The Volunteers are god awful and Georgia's defense is still suspect.  Baylor still hasn't played anybody great but they once again put up over 70 points (3rd time in 4 games, other game they scored 69) while demolishing West Virginia.  Their offense is unstoppable and I don't really see the logic of having them rated below Miami of all teams.  Baylor would destroy a team like the Hurricanes.  

FSU makes their first appearance in the top 10 after manhandling a decent Maryland team 63-0.  Jameis Winston had another Heisman-worthy performance and will get the week off before an epic battle next Saturday vs Clemson.  Whoever wins that game could be playing for a National Title come January.

I also got Ohio State in the top 10 for the first time at #7 after a tough road win in Northwestern.  I basically swapped them with UCLA after they squeezed by a bad Utah team.  UCLA and Washington both dropped out while the undefeated Buckeyes and Seminoles make it in there.  Both teams still have a long road ahead in order to get to the top 2.  The Buckeyes schedule is a joke so they are going to need a lot of teams to not only lose but look bad while doing it.

4 SEC Teams.
2 PAC-12 Teams.
2 ACC Teams.
1 Big 12 Team.
1 Big Ten Team.

I would also rank the conferences in strength to this top 10.  The SEC is still the breadwinner but the PAC-12 and ACC are much better this season to year's past.


1. Johnny Manziel - Johnny had plenty of time to sign autographs as the Aggies were off last week.
2. Marcus Mariota - 5 TD passes with no turnovers in another blowout.  He should get a lot of hype this week as they travel to Washington along with ESPN GameDay.
3. Jameis Winston - Tore up an undefeated Maryland team.  Only a redshirt freshman Winston is already a household name.
4. Tajh Boyd - Clemson continues to roll as Boyd threw for 5 TDs in a blowout win vs Syracuse.
5. Aaron Murray - Murray has come up big in crucial moments all season.  He did it again in Knoxville.

Red Sox Shotgunning Beers After Eliminating the Rays

Well since Monday around these parts in Atlanta was considered Black Monday with the Braves again getting eliminated in Choketober and the Falcons blowing a lead vs the shitty Jets on Monday night and falling to 1-4 it's been difficult for me to even watch anything sports related, much less talk about it.   Even though I can't stand the Red Sox this celebration put a smile on my face.  Here we have grown men making millions of dollars acting like high school kids.  I love it.  Just shotgunning beers left and right.  Blood, tears and beers.  Don't ever grow up.

Via BarStoolSports