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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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The Miami Hurricanes...aka Da U...aka Convicts Are Back!!!

I love the smell of college football napalm in the morning. If you haven't had the chance go read the whole Yahoo! Sports report on the renegade booster who is about to take down the University of Miami. Writer Charles Robinson does an excellent job with the investigation reporting on the rogue booster named Nevin Shapiro who at 5'5 is in federal prison for his involvement in a $930 million ponzi scheme. He provided money, prostitutes, gifts, jewelry, trips, and even an abortion for services to 72 Canes from 2002 through 2010. Shapiro basically bankrolled the Canes while being a registered booster and a street agent. How in the holy hell did the Canes compliance department never pick up on a 5'5 white guy in his mid 30's hanging out with huge football players? Doesn't it seem kind of odd?

This is 10 times worse than Ohio State and USC. It's a great read into Da U and how a little shitbird jocksniffer like Shapiro got into the mix with one of the best college football programs. Do I think Miami will get the "death penalty?" Nope. Only because Miami football generates a ton of money for the whole corrupt college football system to begin with. But they definitely deserve to get scholarships taken away and have a bowl ban for some years.