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Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, this is the part where you say "fuck you" for telling me this but I did have some thoughts on the wild weekend of College Football while watching it at 6 am in Hawaii. Any excuse to wake up on the beach at 6 in the morning and start drinking while mixing in some crazy concoctions of upsets is a great way to destroy the liver of life. Anyways, here are some thoughts:

-What the fuck was Bob Stoops thinking? Seriously, he had a timeout left and decided not to use it to either A)ice the kicker or B)use it so they had some time left on the clock for a final play of their own if he made the kick. The Sooners really disappointed me not only with their play but their decisions. They should have killed Colorado but instead handed the game to them. I will give the Boulders some credit and acknowledge the fact that Dan Hawkin's son Cody is playing a good QB, but there is no reason for the Sooners to lose a game like that.

-So is USC really any good? They looked like shit on Saturday night/early Saturday afternoon here in beautiful sunny Hawaii. Again this is the part where you mumble "fuck you" while sitting in your cubbie while your fat smelly co-worker offers you some advice for your team not to lose. I think it was only proper to put LSU ahead of USC right now in the rankings. LSU is so much more dominant up front on both lines that they wouldn't have that hard of time handling USC in my opinion. True LSU didn't look particularly great against Tulane in the first half but they put it together in the second half to blow them out.

-Cal is the real deal. I've had my doubts with their team but winning in Eugene is impressive. Desean Jackson of course stepped up to the plate and delivered. Big time players show up in big games. It still looks weird to see a team like Cal sitting at #3 in the polls. Holy shit balls, South Florida is #6 right now. This past weekend just demonstrates how crazy a playoff system would be.

-Andre Woodson is the leading Heisman candidate right now. No questions asked. He is the best QB in the nation. Fucking Kentucky is in the top 10 people. K-E-N-T-U-C-K-Y. If I hear one national media person try to tell me that JD Booty will win it because he plays for USC then I will personally go over to their place, pull down their pants, take a before picture, kick them in the balls, and then take a picture after and post it here on this blog. Woodson could get Kentucky to a SEC Championship game and I hope he does. The Wildcats are my new favorite underdog team.

-Notre Dame finally found an identity in the second half against Purdue. The offensive line started blocking people, and freshman WR Golden Tate had his coming out party. Tate is a player ND has been missing for a long time since Julius Jones left. The kid just makes plays. His 3 catches on Saturday were all highlight worthy. Along with fellow freshmen WR Duval Kumara, RBs Armando Allen and Robert Hughes, TE Mike Ragone, and QB Jimmy Clausen you can see a nucleus in one class that could turn into the best offensive class in ND history.

-Baseball predictions: Yankees will beat the Indians, Angels will beat the Red Sox in the AL. Cubs will beat the Diamondbacks, and the Padres(if they win tonight) will beat the Phillies. No expert analysis here, just a hunch.