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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Michigan Football Reveals New Nike Uniforms with Michael Jordan Brand Jumpman All Over Them

Talk about selling your soul for the almighty dollar.  When I think of Michigan football the first thing that comes to my mind is Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line in the Slam Dunk Contest 30 years ago.  It only makes sense then to slap Michael Jordan brand Jumpman logos all over your uniform including the jersey, pants, gloves, and cleats.  They should have put a giant MJ on the ass of the pants because Michigan is getting fucked right in the ass by Nike.  Good lord Michigan this is pathetic.  You have a basketball player on your football uniforms.  He didn't even go to your school.  His alma mater beat your school in the infamous Chris Webber time out game.  I would say I've never been more embarrassed for Michigan football till today but then again I still remember the last time Brady Hoke opened up his mouth and called Notre Dame "chicken."  We all remember how that worked out...