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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Seriously, this might be one of the dumbest play calls I have ever seen. I didn't watch the game last night because I was too busy watching one of the shittiest movies I have ever seen called "The Happening" by M. Night Never Going to Make a Movie Worth a Shit Lamadamadingdong. The only reason I looked the play up was because they were mentioning it today on sports talk radio. Has head coach Jim Zorn just mailed it in or what? I feel bad for the punter, Hunter Smith, because you know you are going to get absolutely killed. Washington PD should charge Zorn with involuntary manslaughter for calling this bullshit.

I think a "Deadskins" shirt is in order soon. Growing up the Redskins were in the upper echelon of NFL franchises but have disappeared much like the Raiders. It's sad because the Redskins have a passionate fanbase who deserve better.


Joel Sherman of the NY Post confirms this deal between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees via his Twitter account:

so the trade is vazquez and boone logan to #Yankees for melky cabrera, mike dunn and arodys vizcaino, that is now confirmed by Post

Fuck you Frank Wren! Seriously, you just traded your best pitcher in Javier Vasquez (Vasquez could have won 23 games easily last year if the Braves had any offense) for Melky Cabrera and 2 guys I have never heard of. Cabrera blows. If you are going to trade for a hitter why not try to get Nick Swisher Wren? Holy shit this trade is beyond dumb.

The Braves have been trying to unload starting pitcher Derek Lowe this offseason because of his ridiculous contract that Wren gave him last year ($60 mil for 4 years at the age of 36) and instead of getting rid of that albatross they trade a guy who finished 4th in the Cy Young voting to the mother fucking Yankees! Jesus Christ, what does it take to be a GM today? An ability to scratch your ass and just randomly pick up a phone and make dipshit moves? Wren is the same guy who gave Tim Hudson (whom I love by the way) a 3 year contract extension this offseason at the age of 34 coming off of Tommy John surgery. Brilliant!

The Braves need hitters in the worse way but Melky is not the answer. He is "24" years old which translates to 29/30 in real years and is overweight and overrated. The Braves, I mean Wren, better have something in the works because this trade just made you significantly worse while it gave the Yankees another solid starter and made the defending champions a better ball club today.

Free agent OFers Matt Holliday and Jason Bay are still out there Wren and all they will cost you is money. You better sign one of them or I will be at Turner Field with pitchfork and torch blazing ready to kick your sorry ass out of Atlanta. Do us all a favor and just go away. Now.

Meanwhile the Braves front office is rejoicing today. Take a look...