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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I think there is little doubt that Bill Belichick knew about the cheating. He is about as convincing as Michael Vick during his denial. The NFL better come down hard on Belichick and the Patriots because this is the most blatant case of cheating I can ever remember happening in the league. And I don't want to hear the retarded excuse "well everybody does it!" Fuck that shit! They cheated and got caught and at the very least should have to forfeit the win and give up draft picks.

First off, the great news is that Buffalo Bill's tight end Kevin Everett has apparently received a miracle with the news he will be able to walk again. The hit look like a crushing blow not only to Everett himself but to the whole Bill's organization.
I know I tend to act like an a-hole on here especially when it comes to the NFL, but my heartfelt prayers go out to Everett on a speedy recovery.

And with all good news on the NFL side we also have bad news. Bill Belichick has a lot of questions to answer regarding the videotaping of signal stealing during the Jet's game on Sunday. The Patriot's franchise has been considered the elite organization from top to bottom with 3 recent Super Bowls with some may consider good talent but not great talent, it makes you wonder how long this has been going on. My hope is new commissioner Roger Godell will come down hard on the Patriots. I can't stand when other teams cheat because not only are you cheating the game but you are cheating yourself. We should have known the Patriots were up to no good with their recent questionable draft picks (Meriweather) and trades (Randy Moss) in which they have picked up guys with unsavory reputations. Oh yeah, and Golden Boy Tommy Brady is knocking up his ex-girlfriend while sleeping with a supermodel. What an a-hole!

I think Godell should come down hard on the Patriots. I would take away their first round draft pick for the next three years, giving it to their division rivals with a mandatory mid first round pick. The Jet's game should be a forfeit. There is no way you can justify the Patriots with the win. It's sad that teams have to sink to this level, but the only way to nip it in the ass is to come down hard with the Godell iron fist.