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Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm trying to think of a better, more unbelievable clutch play in the history of the Super Bowl than Eli Manning's frantic bomb to David Tyree last night and I'm stuck at nothing. In fact I still can't believe the play actually came to fruition after Adalius Thomas had Manning in his big ass bear paws only to have Eli fight off his claws and heave the ball 50 yards down field. And then for Tyree to catch it while Rodney Harrison is basically Kobe Bryanting him from behind is just an incredible accomplishment that makes this play the best ever in Super Bowl history in my opinion. Of course it could have been a little bit more exciting if Troy Aikman would have squeezed Joe Buck's manbags during the play to at least get something besides a monotone voice during the crucial play.


I completely forgot about the 1972 Miami Dolphins until I saw this commercial this morning in between Skip Bayless rambling nonsense on ESPN's First Take. I can only imagine how tanked those old farts got last night after Eli Manning took a knee. The DUI's and dead hookers must have soared to astronomical numbers in South Florida last night thus bypassing the Michael Irvin days as a Miami Hurricane. Now that is mind boggling.

Mercury Morris becoming a mute: PERFECT!!


I'm gonna miss this guy. Personally I think Carl carried the Giants this postseason with his insane and for the most part hysterical ramblings and those crazy 80's Zubra or whatever the hell you call them pants. I actually find myself talking like him now. I also love how cartoons can get away with a lot of crap that basic television programs can not. Viva La Carl!


Maybe I'm losing my sense of humor or maybe I wasn't drunk enough but I really didn't like any of the commercials last night. The heart coming out of the lady was just disturbing and stupid. The Audi commercial was pretty good if you are a fan of "The Godfather." I was really disappointed in the beer commercials. Usually they are funny and witty but last night I don't recall either happening. At least the actual football game was entertaining for once.

So to make up for the horrible commercials last night I decided to bring this bad boy back to life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you "The Swear Jar"....