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Friday, October 31, 2008


There really is no reason to post this other than the fact I thought Sportscrack could use some T n A on this Halloween Day. Franco as some of you may remember was the javelin thrower who captured our hearts or loins as I sometimes call it at the Summer Olympics. You know since it is Halloween I figured as I got older that the holiday would get worse as I could no longer dress up and go trick or treating without being arrested. But it seems every year now girls dress more slutty because it gives them an excuse to bring out their inner whore.

So in essense...

Adult Halloween > Childhood Halloween

I can drink to that...

Video HT: FanIQ via Hot Clicks

NCAA Week 10 Football pick 'em

Last week, I didn't do too bad, but I'd like to do a little better. There aren't as many exciting games this week, but there are a few. I can't wait for the Georgia/Florida Battle down at the World's Largest COCKtail party. I went down there once in college, I think! It was a blast, and I had whiplash after looking at so many fine women pass by. You know, I was going to do 10 picks this week, but seriously, there are a lot of boring match ups this week, so I picked 6 games.

Andrew Cheese-Whistle Merriam's picks-

WVU @ UConn: Do not sleep on the Huskies. This is a different team (literally) than the one who played UNC and Rutgers. They have a redshirt freshman QB who made his first start ever against Cinci on Saturday and threw for 196 yards with no picks. They also have the leading rusher in the country (school record 1,324 yds in eight games) in Donald Brown, a DB who ran back two picks of 28 and 40 yards, another one who ran back a punt, and a kicker who booted a 47 yard field goal into 20mph wind. WVU is good, but so is UConn, and the game is in West Hartford. Edge: UConn.

FL @ UGA (neutral stadium): To me the key to this game is UGA's defense. I know we can score on these guys but the key will be not letting them answer like we let LSU do last week.

FSU @ GT: I think Georgia Tech is overrated and will not strike back after last week's loss.

Oregon @ Cal: The ducks wax these guys, but who gives a shit about this game?

Texas@ Texas Tech: This will be a shootout, but i think the horns will take them. They are on fire right now.

Arkansas State @ Alabama: The tide will roll hard.

Matt Fairchild's picks:

West Virginia at UCONN: I really hate you Cheesewhistle for putting this shitbag of a game on the pick em list. Hands for people who really care for this matchup...oh, just you and that toothless Mountaineer whore. I'm going opposite pick just because you put it on here.

Gaytors vs. Dawgs: I've never been to a COCKtail party because I don't particularly like the taste of cock but I'm sure all the jorts and floppy hair douchebag frat boys sounds like a great time. These teams are pretty much even on paper. Both offenses are on fire and both coaches really don't like each other. Urban is the devil and Richt is a saint. So instead I'm going with the hot girl ratio. UGA girls in a landslide.

FSU at Georgia Tech: FSU has got me coming around so you know what that means? They will fucking choke big time tomorrow. Expect the Ramblin Nerds to be all pumped up and ready to show the ACC they deserve their bull shit crown full of empty promises and candy dreams.

Oregon at Cal: I have seen very little of either team this year and I don't see why that should change this Saturday. I will go with Cal since the Obama loving tree huggers will be too much for the Nikes.

Texas at Texas Tech: I've picked twice against the Longhorns and I have learned my lesson thanks to two empty pockets. Never pick against a steer or a queer. Longhorns win big.

Arkansas State at Alabama: I would love to shit in my pants from excitement if somehow Bama lost this game but it ain't going to happen. Why in the hell did you pick this game too? You must be sick.

I'm going to add one of my own here since it is the game I care the most about. Notre Dame will roll over the Stache in Rock's House tomorrow afternoon. Weis is going to "open up the freaking playbook" and let all of his young weapons including Golden, Floyd, Allen, Jimmy, and Rudolph do their thing. This will be a statement game for all the haters out there.
ND 42 Pitt 21.